clouds on my palette

I have been attempting to read ‘A Suitable Boy’ since a long time. But somehow I have not been able to. Also that I had heard mixed reviews about it, kept me away. On one hand, I had a cousin, who HIGHLY recommended it and on the other was my husband, who had disliked it. According to him, it was like the script of a Hindi soap opera- it was about marriage and it went on and on without getting to any point. He had given up reading after a couple of pages.

But I wanted to see for myself what this prize-winning book by the much celebrated Vikram Seth was about, and booked myself a copy from my online library.

And I’m really glad that I did so!

But first impressions first.

When I saw the volume of the book, I was taken aback. At around 1400 pages, it was quite a mighty tome. Hubby joked that by…

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