Why English Grammar? IELTS/TOEFL writing:

Without grammar, you can certainly speak, no doubt, but nobody will understand whether your grammar is going to have perfect pace–problem lies there!

Like, many words grammar is most important or prepositional verbs meaning just changes by a preposition.  Like when I write the stuff I feel tired of, but if I say–I am tired with writing–the meaning is changing rapidly  (con-)


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  1. Pls. see at Discussion forum:IELTS English grammar question

    In IELTS essay writing, when you use these verbals,the band score simply be higher than you have now!

    You have two essays to write, one is 150,other 250 words. You have to write within a time frame so that grammar practice is much important for maintaining
    the time.

    There are 2 essays for 60 minituts, you have to finish.In Academic, write on general topic and chart/graphs sample. But, in GT, instead of chart/graphs, you will write on letter and general topic that will as like academic type.

    For reading, 60 mints. on three essays academic ,40 questions.

    Speaking:10-14 mints.

    : 40 mints. on four topics, 40 questions etc,

    More, pls.contact over phone specially those are professionals,have internet facility, avoiding tendency of our famous traffic congestion, and time constraints, I would show you an honest and unique service.

    These are some of the types of IELTS essays we will look at:

    Agree / disagree
    Discuss two opinions
    Advantages & disadvantages
    Reasons (causes) & solutions
    Problems & solutions
    Causes (reasons) & effects
    Compare & contrast

    Not every essay will fit one of these patterns, but many do.

    How do I Write an IELTS Essay?

    An IELTS essay is structured like any other essay; you just need to make it shorter. There are three key elements:

    Body Paragraphs

    So, let us for writing one. Pls. see below one of
    topics, which you can now try.


    Pls. contact with me if you like to achieve band score 7.0 in IELTS!
    Over: 01704755466 or 017-6608055

    Every day 10 am to 9pm
    except prayer/feeding/pleading time.

  2. DearSir,
    My IELTS band was 6.0 in 2008. It has expired to go out side.
    So I need another exam.

    what is about all sorts of phrases, it is difficult for me to understand!

  3. Yes, Mamun!

    You are correct. English is full of phrases, it is not only – in full swing, apple of discord, and black sheep etc, but these are:
    Adjective phrase
    adverb ”
    Noun ”
    verb ”
    prepositional ” etc, you must have perfect idea about them, otherwise,your writing and reading-everything will be difficult to understand. I would try to explain step by step.


    -QUAZI’s step-

  4. A single noun can be modified by several adjectives! Never heard? Simple. Your teacher never show you the sentence analyzing-how could it be?

    From Dhaka university,business faculty and IBA building, there are several mature country gentlemen who have been teaching business entrepreneurship to our young for over years.

    several——–modifies —gentlemen
    mature—— ” — gentlemen
    country—- ” –gentlemen clear?

    Again,mind it, adjective can be after noun that it modifies,as you always think its

    Here–preceding- is modifies—its..

  5. Today’s topic:

    Is School necessary for studying the children?

    Please write on 250 words. There will be scored in academic/GT. IELTS

  6. IELTS writing – band scores explained
    ব্যান্ড স্কোর কিভাবে নির্ণয় করা হয়?

    How is your IELTS band score calculated? This is an important question for any IELTS candidate because many mistakes can be avoided by knowing what the examiner is looking for and how your writing is graded. More than that you may be surprised by some of the detail. Many candidates are.

    This post gives you a brief outline of the grading criteria, how band scores are calculated and how examiners typically grade the writing.
    The 4 grading criteria

    There are 4 criteria:
    Task response How well you answer the question
    Coherence and cohesion How well your writing links together
    Lexical resource How good your vocabulary is
    Grammatical range and accuracy How good your grammar is
    What do these criteria mean?

    This is IELTS and IELTS examiners are trained to interpret these criteria in a particular way. In theory it should not matter where you take your test as all examiners grade consistently. I suggest you should spend time understanding the detail here as that way you can avoid many common mistakes.

    Task Response in detail – how to avoid some common mistakes

    Coherence and cohesion in detail- how to avoid some common mistakes

    Lexical Resource in detail- how to avoid some common mistakes

    Grammatical range and accuracy in detail- how to avoid some common mistakes
    How are band scores calculated?
    All the criteria count equally

    One mistake candidates make is to focus on one or other of the criteria (normally grammar) or forget about one altogether (normally cohesion and coherence). Why is this wrong? They all count equally.

    What happens is that you get a score out of 9 for each of the criteria, they are added together and then that score is divided by 4.

    An example: So let’s take an example. Here is someone who has forgotten to think about coherence and hasn’t fully answered the question. S/he has good general English so does well in grammar and vocabulary, but sadly that is not enough.

    grammar 7
    vocabulary 7
    task response 6
    coherence 4

    7+7+6+4 = 24 and 24 divided by 4 equals 6. The message is grammar and vocabulary are not enough – you need to focus on all the criteria as you write.
    All the criteria are complex – you need to understand it all

    If you read through my in detail posts on the criteria, you will see that each criteria is complex. Task response is not just about answering the question, it is about extending and supporting main ideas and maintaining a clear position throughout the essay. This may not be simple, but it is worth understanding. To get your target band 7, you at least need to average 7 in each of these sub criteria. This means that if you do everything to band 7 in task response, but you do not write enough words, you may not get a 7 for task response.

    This bit is the really bad news. There are certain penalties you can get if you make certain mistakes. This means that if you make this type of mistake, you can’t get above a certain score for that criteria. Here is a selection of penalties I have borrowed from the British Council site:

    Band 5 (for Task Response): the essay only partially addresses the task.

    IELTS writing is graded

    This score might be given if the candidate writes about the need to increase the salaries of doctors and nurses at government hospitals, rather than about the banning of cigarettes.

    For example, the question might ask the candidate to not only say whether cigarettes should be banned, but also suggest some other ways to reduce the problems caused by smoking.

    An essay would be penalised(penalized-US) if it answers the first part of the question (i.e., should the sale of cigarettes be banned) but doesn’t offer any other solutions.

    Band 5 (for Coherence and Cohesion): the essay doesn’t use paragraphs, or paragraphing is inadequate.

    This means that the answer isn’t written in the style of an essay, with an introduction, two or three body paragraphs, and a closing paragraph.

    Band 4 (for Task Response): the answer is tangential.

    Here, the word “tangential” means “of little relevance.” This means that the answer presents an argument that’s only slightly related to the essay question.

    As an example, a candidate might start writing about the problems caused by smoking cigarettes, but then go on to write about the problems caused by alcohol and illegal drugs.

    Band 3 (for Task Response): the essay has few ideas, or the ideas are largely undeveloped or irrelevant.

    To illustrate, the answer might give very few, or very weak, reasons for banning cigarettes, such as it will reduce air pollution in cities. (Urban air pollution is caused by the emissions from vehicles and factories, but not cigarette smoking.)

    Band 1 (for Task Response): the answer is totally unrelated to the essay question.

    I would emphasise that these are only a selection of penalties and that you should spend time getting to know the IELTS format before the exam.If you read the British Council article, it advises you to take a preparation course. That is good advice.

    It is also good advice

    Read more: IELTS writing – band scores explained | Dominic Cole’s IELTS Blog http://www.dcielts.com/ielts-writing/band-scores-explained/#ixzz3fZSTx0F5
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

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