Another drawback to learning English grammar!


(All positive feed backs is most welcome, like grammar as well as web design matter. Nobody is perfect in English Grammar(occasional mistakes not harmful!) -but ” to what extent”,it is very much important!)



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Though, I use AP style for punctuation including grammars, like Bangladesh has, no have(British system) only, I mean not Oxford style.

Those who want to be master in English language, they must follow the following books(writer names only) along with me: )

বি.দ্র. এ top ad আমাদের বিজ্ঞাপন দেখুন(education categoryতে)

When we participate in IELTS or TOEFL, we needn’t to have much grasped of all English grammar rules because of getting the shortest syllabus to have been able to complete the task within a short period of time.

However, in a real arena, we must know to almost all rules unless you need to connect with the educated people on earth. The internet has made a tremendous possibility to have been built it up with such connections more and more whether you like it or not.

Internet opened up expanding the opportunities around the world for all of aged people are now a visible secret only unless some one is blind or so an uneducated one!

So, to connect with the global villages from here Hong Kong to New York is needed the best English language capability unless you want to loose the great opportunities. But, basic knowledge in English opens you up the basic facilities more or less.

My suggestion, completing the IELTS or TOEFL course for months giving you a good path for the next turn, is to practice with other English courses to have grasped of perfect English. In this context, only previous preparation is not good enough so that you need to read enormous number of good writing topics to have been grasping for years how to write with stylistic and correct grammar in the long run.

The more you write, the more you understand, and the more you think them, the better understanding becomes for anybody only. Where you need to have practiced with many good grammar books by only following the authenticated people who are well at English—otherwise there is a great chance to learn wrong English, of course.

Conclusion: It may have number one of reasons those non natives go to western English countries with getting university admission, then many supervisors of Ph.D. programs try to let the students show how to write the most readable ways on native ears,(though grammars were almost correct!) and somewhere students failed to have degrees too!

And, I have much experiences here to see the surrounded of my few relatives, teachers or friends, who were really fallen in unpleasant situations. Fortunately, my  two of own brothers have already received their Ph.D. (one in Economics from Illinois University in ’88 having scholarship program) most successfully on time.

If you are a non native having Ph.D. or  others; what is your advice on this issue based on my writing that I posted on my site blog recently.


(This discussion I placed at LinkedIn one forum, different natives commented over there,
which was just diplomatic farce comments or the old game of smoke and mirror types—to misguide the non natives to earn some bucks, nothing else! Actually, some non natives are also much well at English as for practicing the grammars, so far!Definitely, I am indebted to many English writers’ grammar books as it is their every day language! )

Do you think an educated native is usually perfect in English grammar?

If I go there, before I should ask you, being a native in your language, do you think you are perfect in your own language grammar? Answer will be definitely not.

Moreover, English is not a language of present Englishmen or other natives! It has been derived from Latin (few Greek) then to German and developed by the UK. Today, much revising and researching with linguistic views have been dealt with the USA in every ways especially on spelling; she has done a lot of  in real phenomena too!

As the USA has almost all been dominating  economies and other innovations compare to any single or combined nations on earth, like it has been much vivid in every printing, movies or cultural phenomena day by day. If you like or not, or you are much infested in British territory, today or tomorrow you must have to accustom to right there unless you miss great many offers on economy or friendships on earth. So, the sooner the realization is, the better the understanding will be for all us—a quintessence only.

Of course, starting moment to learn British English is appreciated in Bangladesh as BD is much prone to British style English as it had been occupied by her for over 200 years, a off tract issue now, but it is a real fact.

In fine, educated people in Bangladesh realized we must go with the USA English for our own means, sooner is better. Problem lies elsewhere as do you think our most educated people are good at correct English?— Answer is big no!

Everybody needs to learn language grammar on his own or from foreign language, like an English man learns from the Latin, German and few Greek, we learn from Sangskrit—a veracity. Only style is not all in a language, it is a small part of grammars only, like Floridian or southern part of people always do vary with northern people’s English style in the USA, so do other regions explicitly.

What is your thought right there? Tendency to occupying the “Brand” only? Is this possible today’s global arena?

(This topic ignited the light somewhere!You may see it at applied linguistic forum by search
whether it is existed till now!

Practice Practice Practice

Definitely, somewhere a nonnative could be better in English grammar as he is much
aware of about the varieties and peculiarities in grammars; because he always knows it is not his mother tongue!

However, this accomplishment will come up with only when he practices it much. I adore to TOEFL syllabus that selected some English grammars that are the most usage in everyday life for a native or non native, like, when or while, because or because of, since or for etc.

These words are not many, but a few, like above hundred words. A student can know these usages with structures. Like– had better, one can know when he uses it, he must avoid past tense or infinitive with “had better” in place of the main verb.

Of course, many famous grammar books have the usages of them most extensively, but TOEFL suggestion helps you with a small number of words that a novice student can be confident in view of; he has been learning in good ways—-it is very much important too.

Early stage learning definitely a worthwhile steps for all, it should be less painful only. As I have already implied here, there are a lot of diplomatic farce talking among the English teachers especially from the native sides to occupy the market. It has been built around us for last 20 years(since 1990) specially to south east Asia as well as Latin America, a huge market, my Gosh! So, to occupy the market, somewhere they make bubble games among the non native teachers too! Be ware of from this tricky game.

Of course, all native teachers are not making– beating about the bush, but somebody( very few that is not mentionable too!) does!

(Above this article of page, I wrote beginning of the  year, 2014)

Or read this interesting article now:

‘Why native speaker teachers are often a bad thing!’ by Adrian Tennant

Or read another one that tells us everybody should learn English grammar native or non natives respectively. Pls. see my several comments to both of the articles right now that makes you more confidence about the topic, I mean English grammar:

“Common mistakes  do native speakers make?”


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