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By the grace of the Allah, my first printed  book  is  published on the 12th, Oct. 2013.

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“The scientific evidences of the great Allah’s blessings of creation.”

Based on the Qur’an, Bible and Torah, I tried to make you all understand that we all specially educated persons should at least know why does religions knowledge make a person much smarter than who are ignorant over there?

We all know some begot, savage and lunatic people always make chaos right there, of course, they make the chaos based on the ignorance of the comparative religions conception that once led the “European renaissance” and induced the separation of state from the church.

All efforts are praise able—but “Science without religion is a blind effort” said Einstein. What did the other great scientists say over there? Let us see:

Francis Collins

“Science is…a powerful way, indeed – to study the natural world. Science is not particularly effective…in making commentary about the supernatural world. Both worlds, for me, are quite real and quite important. They are investigated in different ways. They coexist. They illuminate each other.”

-American physician-geneticist and director of the National Human Genome Research Institute

Max Planck
“It was not by accident that the greatest thinkers of all ages were deeply religious souls.”

–German physicist, noted for work on quantum theory

Richard Fenyman
“God was invented to explain mystery. God is always invented to explain those things that you do not understand.”

–American physicist, awarded Nobel Prize in 1965

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

“The scientific evidences of the great Allah’s blessings of creation.”



1. Foreword 2

2. How does the earth debut? 7

3. Islam is a great religion stuff, why do the most Islam followers still
confront over there? 16

4. Numbers of Significance in the Qur’an? 18

5. Evidences 5: How does an Aero plane fly? Surat an Nahl. 25

6. The Muslims know their religion is a great, but why many are not aware
about it? 29

7. Abdullah Bin Salam (a Jews Pundit) 32

8. An important Ayet (Evidence) that every Muslims should know 34

9. How should we lead our life? 39

10. A practical experience 47

11. Islam and Islamism 49

12. Solution 50 Total pages almost 70

(Page 2-6)

Those who are highly educated but much cunning, if they understand the scientific evidences of the great Allah’s existence then they may be realized that the each and every Ayet of the Qur’an is based on the 100% true narration. Of course, if the great Allah only wants—because it doesn’t matter whether you understand or not—this Ayet(evidence) has come to the many Surat’s.

However, he (Allah) wants to give you a chance to have understood them as you can’t say— I had no knowledge over there in the resurrection day. In accordance with the logic, I only tried to make it clear on this book for the mentioned people by the grace of the Allah.

The timid and general people who don’t need to understand the all things and have good faith on the Allah–where the pundits and highly educated people sometimes can’t understand the Allah; the Qur’an also made it clear to different ayets in different Surat’s that I would make it clear to the last verses of this book,of course, if the Allah only wish.

In addition, the Surat’s that we read in our praying and schools, and they are all small sizes in quantity—it may be to get easy. There are 114 Stuarts in the holy Qur’an. From 90 to 114 Stuarts, they are small in size– but very much meaningful to understand. The first Surat is “The Fatheha” –meaning opening– which is the mother of all the Stuarts.
To understand the Qur’an, the first 10 Surats those are big in size, like Surat Al Baqarah has 286 ayets—these 10 Surat’s meaning has made the clearer to last Surat’s.

So, it is essential to understand the first Surats. However, if the Allah wills you can understand all, how? I would make it clear to the last verses of this book.

When I was a first year student in Dhaka varsity (1985), I had a grand parent(maternal side),an audit officer, who used to utter me to study hard. (Pages -2)

That study should be Allah’s order and meaning. I got to understand that he get used to implying to my elder brother negatively, a Joint-secretary, later –Member and Secretary, Ministry of Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, who was having (1985-1990) his Ph.D. from one of the 3 ranks (major Economics) universities among 1200 varsities in the USA.**

It was a surprising matter to me—because those who were the established around me all were well in practical means of affairs with better education including having estate and cars, etc. It does mean my grant parent’s advice was really not match with practical means.

He was a petty Government “Audit officer” by the mundane world (with due respect to him) where his residence was far below the “F” type of the Government of Bangladesh.

It was the time when one of my paternal uncles was one of the respected Members of the National Board of Revenue in Bangladesh. There were several other examples right there those told us about the mundane life’s status and shew ups including my university’s teachers better status, etc.

(Islam doesn’t discourage the status; however, that shouldn’t be show up means that is a sin-Writer.)

But, a question always rounds me up—-Islam is a great religion, but why do the Muslims people face the most troubles? Those who are in better shape in terms of peace, why don’t they have the proper status and respect from the rest of the world?

By this time, 1/11 happened. I saw a lot of high caliber Saudi people’s disrespecting scene over the media. It might be 2002; a great leader was preaching inside the Mosque, opposite of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, near about foreign Ministry, I asked him—

“Islam is a great religion, but why do the followers of almost all Muslims faces the disrespecting from the rest of the non Muslims world?” He answered to all (might be 200 spectators had been surrounded over there) us a logical conclusion, “No where in the world, policy makers are the true Muslims in administration.” (Pages- 3)
(**As per the prophecy, when I tried to narrow the gap, sorry it is going to have expanded as per the Qur’an prophecy that I am watching most!

So, I gave you some clue about my book, please read here with pages 3 at first para including. To narrow the confusion, please read the pages no.22 at last 3 paras and so on, 42 pages last parts, 44’s pages first 4 paras and 49 pages at first para respectively. Again, pls. read 61 page first two paras.)

Arrival in 2012, I was differ with a little as “The Qur’an” has the answer to the point.

In 2008, I was at the age of 44, in connection of my consultancy business a few police inspectors made some misbehaving with me that led me to study ‘Law” subject to take the legal revenge later—- because of two of my deputy attorney general friends unable to give me the right direction on this cause of action, or might be I was unable to utilize them!

By this time I traveled a lot to Bangkok, Hong Kong, Beijing and Iran, Turkey and Bulgaria for the means of business. With business office on the Dhaka’s prestigious commercial buildings and hub, I met with a lot of people and gathered tremendous experience, etc. over there.

In 2010, I achieved the “Bachelor of Law degree” (LL.B.) from our National University, Bangladesh. Intention was to make a legal action against those police inspectors! To Criminal and evidence laws, I got better scores and realized many burning issues being told on the Qur’an earlier that “Penal code” followed later.

Like, The Muslim laws, Land Laws diverted me to The Qur’an what the latter said. For example, “Mens Rea” —derived from the Roman law, means—“Guilty mind” which emphasizes on the Qur’an and Torah much and Roman people got it from the Torah.

However, Allah said on the Torah and Bible —“when the Qur’an debut on earth you people only would follow the Qur’an or you would be thrown into the hell.”

The point that “Mens Rea” is the mother of all crimes that our Penal Code derived from the light of the Quran. Law always searches the criminal mind when a crime occurs. If it finds a guilty mind, the crime induces moment(or context)—-the punishment will be optimum level. It is a basic formula to find out the crime situation and other crime elements right away.

Critical of mind like, Gosheti Begum and innocent of mind like, Caliph Harunur Rashid, both are very much important to the great Allah. Intriguing mind is never accepted to the Allah.

It does mean, out expression and inner motive are not the same, it is a sin by the judgment of the great Allah— many Ayets (evidences) came in the Qur’an. It is a great sorrow many people are like that having of twisting mind!(Pages- 4)

There are almost 1400 sections on LL.B. Penal code exam paper. To get a Certificate for LL.B. from the Bangladesh National University, one at least should have grasped 800 sections. Like, burglary, a good lawyer must know the section number without any hesitation, otherwise you can’t tell him a charismatic lawyer. However, a lawyer who has been remained on the civil litigation’s for many years, we don’t see any irregularity right there.(s)

When I got rid of almost 800 sections during my exam, I noticed on an important issue that was all coming on the Qur’anic light or views. So, I made up my mind, why couldn’t I get rid of only 114 Surat’s name from the Quran? Then we needn’t depend on our honorable clerics (with due respect to them) all the time for many explanations, and all pious knows this learning only will stand on with us in the resurrection day!(s)

With studying the Bachelor of Laws and connecting with the learned court, I realized the country’s own erstwhile “Home ministers” sometimes face the humiliating and abusing languages by the police in Bangladesh, over there as an ordinary educated person like me would be humiliated by the so called police officers in Bangladesh, and it is a common phenomenon by the constitution laws in Bangladesh! Coming and going to the court with legal battle is one of the nasty strife’s as all egoistical and arrogant snob nature is discouraging by the Holy Qura’n. The Quran made prophecy here much.

Human brain is on parochial surrounded driving by the all ignorance and lusts. Einstein, Newton Jag dish Chandra Basu and Darwin and the father of all scientists, like, Galileo including all— what did they know about the Universe or Galaxy? Plant has life who said it? The Quran said first. Earth rounds the sun who said it first? Galileo said after 800 years of the Quran.(G)

Einstein sometimes made a joke –“There are two things infinite —one is people’s foolishness, other is the infinite universe. I make ensure you the first one, later one I don’t have the much idea”

About the universe or galaxy, the Quran says a lot that now the great scientists are just about to try to unlock the mystery. Some Arabian Muslims pundits those who are well in Science and English are now just working over there after 1960. They are majority of Math/English language having Ph.D. from the USA and are the professors to various Universities to that country.(S) (Pages-5)

Dr. Mohammad Taqi-ud-Din Al Helai, a professor of Medina University, translated the Quran in English from Arabic, and the Quran published by the ministry of Saudi Arabia. I translated the Quran from here, directly into Bengali. Moreover, a professor of Al Azahar University who manages the site, I got to help from here too, to verify the most similarity of Arabic translation, which did the earlier professor.

Those people who are well in English language have the idea; anybody needs to learn a language then it is the wisest decision to learn it from an educated native speaker of that language directly or from his writing to avoid the disruption of translation as much as possible. Mr. Hilali’s mother language is Arabic so that his translation will be the most authenticated. With a little silly mistakes, his English is much better. However, I am not perfect one; please let me say sorry on this regard. (n)

However, if any blessings come by this book, I make raising a hand to the great Allah; please pay it to my pious mother who left the earth on a Friday.

By inspiration that helps me to write the book, my father, M.A. (1936) LL.B., an ex- Principal of Danbury college, Mymenshing(1940), later a Public prosecutor, Dhaka Judge court, well known an honest one on the court premise; other one uncle (maternal side) of my father, Principal Khaleque, M.A. Arabic(First class) a well known Islamic writer to the famous book on Indian subcontinent, “Siratun Mustakinn,” I sacrifice with my honest
strife to their departed souls as well.

Overall, our people in Bangladesh are very much conscious over there:
1, very much sensitive on Islamic religion 2, patriotic, both are encouraged by the Holy
Quran. (Please see: Surats, 14.4, 7.2 and many.) (Pages -6)

How does the earth debut?

The great Allah made Adam (A) and Bibi Haoa (Eve) from the water and clay; then he ordered to the all Angels including Satan to bow on them. All Angels performed the order duly except the Satan refused to do so, later all things you know. (Surat Taha: 120-123)

Here, Satan prayed thousand and thousand years; however, a moment’s mistake or boasting forced him to be a criminal to the eye of the great Allah. Moreover, there is a great caution to the people among human who usually do righteous job, they may be derailed in a moment to the eye of the great Allah! (Surat Taha: 123)

And, the great or bad works of people will be being judged by the Allah individually, there will no recommendation be accepting by him (Allah). An individual has to submit the application to him to be judged separately. He has to ask the Allah, please –pardon me.

Even the Mohammad (S.M.) used to do it. He got used to praying so severely that his
two legs get almost paralyzed. Followers usually asked him about it—“Mohammad you are the best of all us on earth, why do you pray so much as the Allah give you the preference of all us?” S.M. retold over there—only do the better work and pardon, without them no recommendation would be accepted by the Allah in course of time.
(Please see Surat: Al Baqarah-139, Hadith: Suhi Bukhari-volume: 4, hadi-474,478)

So be ware of! What about we the general people on earth? Whatever it is, an Israeli prostitute used to involve with all sins; however, once upon a day, she put a little water into the mouth of a dying dog, the great Allah was so happy and made a judgment that she would be entered into the heaven on the judgment day. (Please see Surat: Al Baqarah-139, Hadith: Suhi Bukhari-volume: 4, hadi-673)

We might have understood here, you and I may be the great pious people, but there is no guarantee that the Allah will pardon us by recommendation in the judgment day. (Please see -AZ-Zummur39.45 with Al Baqhra2.165)

Why does so un peaceful situation happen in the world? If the Allah wishes, he can converse the peace to anywhere and any time, but why doesn’t he always do it?

Because, he sent us in the world to test us, what we do in the worse situation. The Qur’an says it in many Surats. (2.155, 2.253)

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Now, please come to the detail explanations:

And those who are the most cleaver/intelligent/powerful, but very much hesitated to the great Allah—he(the Allah) is great annoyed towards them and says on the Quran, “ I make the day, why don’t you make the night?” Do any scientists and organization have that power to accept the challenge right there? I like to ask the “NASA” right away too! (pages 8-cont—) (stru)

Let us get you to invite all including NASA and others scientists—Allah has made a day then you all will bring the night! Or, Allah will continue the day, but you will bring the night. Can you all make the mission successful? It is an impossible task.

This is one of the demanded evidence that how the people are the most tiny object towards the great Allah. The mighty one is the great Allah– nobody else, and it is
not necessary to be proofed by hundreds of scientific theories as well. However, there are hundreds of scientific evidences right there—from which I would like to show you a few only. Insha Allah this is my present task. (str/st)

Moreover, there is an existence of the great Allah —-which no needs to proof. Because those are much cleaver (I basically wrote this book for them and know majority of them wouldn’t think right there, we wouldn’t either. A few portion will think, it is a blessing return that the Allah has said on the many Surat’s like Sura Ar-Rome.)

The Allah said in Sura Al Imran 164—I like three things:
To ask the Quran
To abide by the Mohammad SM path
To avoid the people who don’t follow the great Allah’s directions.

If anybody reads the Quran with attentive ways, slow and steadily the all evidences will be inscribed on one’s heart.

But, be cautious, you believe or not to believe, it doesn’t make any matter to the great Allah; as he sent us the Quran to make us know with kindness. Later, you can’t make argue that the Allah don’t give you any chance. (Please see the Surat, AL Qussas-50, AL Araf-203)

Again he says, if you show reluctant, I just make your chest block not to understand–you will not get to have any good path.No body refrains me from over there if i wish.(6.125,149, 16.64)

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Two types of people can understand the Quran without any struggle—one is having little knowledge and the others are having much knowledge, having mediocre knowledge people need much time to understand the Quran as they understand some or not understand later some.

Behind, there is a cogent logic too. Because, the Allah’s knowledge you can have through the two ways—Taifique and Irshad.

Those who are having better luck; they get it directly from the Allah. It is called Tafique.
Other people can get to have from the pious and knowledgeable religion people. Little learning people are afraid about the spiritual matter or get the knowledge from the knowledgeable people soon.

Those who are now passing the time on hesitation; I basically wrote this book for them.As the Allah also says, those who are disbelievers you can utilize the Zakat fund to make them understand the Allah’s sign. This is one of the options about the Zakat where a pious one utilizes the fund right away.

I am known with the some brilliant students. As I have already said (at the introduction chapter) studying in the Dhaka College I met with them. Some are now like teaching profession in various private universities including few political leaders on different parties. They often say a pretty comment (not all the them), it is a natural phenomenon.

We can ask them how this natural matter comes on. They make get to have the answers-nobody, it comes spontaneously.

Is this a fair answer? Without any reason, does the leaf of a tree toss on? An insane/child moves on without reason? Insane people move on by their biological term, and so do the children.

Scientists’ the first question is “the Question” or it is the Question of the court, attorney; only Questions, the life is full of them.

Without any reason, nothing is happening. When you make a miss perception with seeing a rope —-a serpent; it has an explanation too. It is called “Illusion.” However, there is no existence of anything then it is called “Hallucination” by scientific language.

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(Pages-9 )

There are many mysteries in the Medical science that is still unsolved. Scientists have yet to answer them with much developed of science right now! Like sleeping, it has yet to know, why?

Just like it, the Allah has said on the holy Quran,(in many Surat Ayats) I made the stars for only three reasons:
1. To make lighting decoration sees the heaven nicely.
2. While people wandering on the sea or deserts they get to have the proper direction.
3. Devil likes to enter the heaven; I just throw the missiles on him not to enter over there. (We used to see the sign of asteroid in the clean dark night.)
Then the Allah has said—without these three reasons if you search other things it is just in vain and it is the task of killing time, energy and money.

In the month of August (Ramadan),2012, when I read the Ayet, a question was peeping on my mind frequently, and it had been disturbing inside my mind that where NASA sent the human with Apollo-11 to the moon in 1969; then Challenger, Endeavor and Curiosity have been sent to the Mars, and now several pictures have been sending to the earth. There are several evidences over there, but why does the Allah discourage right there?

Where the Allah says on the Surut an Nahl.79—don’t you see how the birds fly over the sky? There is a scientific explanation on the 25 pages in this book. Allah asks many things on this Surat, like, he asks—“I have demonstrated a lot of evidences and implied to the thinkers, just search for there that makes you understand me clearly which let your guide you real path.”

“I send water from the sky (great evidence), get you to have milk purifying blood of the cow, let you have colorful fruits that prevents you from diseases, there are a lot of symptoms for the thinkers right there.”

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Many times on different Surats saying—thinkers—but here the Allah says just killing the time! How does an unscientific phenomenon come up?

Our few religious leaders (not everybody) make a laugh about conquer of the Moon, and does it happen?

Why? NASA is not silent. What does it do? Those who are very well in Physics they can deliver the answer here perfectly. Most conservative people may have the evidence how a plan flies over the sky, and haven’t it? Is this not a miracle for them? (I got to have chances almost 18/19 times to board on the plan by the grace of the Allah. If I had not a chance on the window side seat, I wouldn’t have managed it to see the outer side of the plan wings how they make movement like a bird on flying time!)

With some boarders, the great Allah has given some paths to the thinkers. However, he has also restricted to over there, of course, there are some cogent logics too. As the Quran has asked the questions searching the answers somebody tried how to fly like a bird! Please see the result, page-25.

But the Stars? I tried to think it somehow and searched for the books. I couldn’t understand
Why the great Allah has forbidden here? Will not people go to the moon? Will not go the mars? They will be lying ideal as a begot right there?

After 4/5 months, an idea got to have on my head that I read in class 10 on general Science subject at my school level. This answer is much broad as much as we can think.

Do you know the difference from the planet and stars?

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The great Allah will resurrect some people as blind in the judgment day. Despite they had the active eyes and the other limbs during the time of dying.

Because, great Allah says” I send the Quran to understand deeply, you had the power, but you people led yourself as like blind, so you are blind right now too.”

Why the great Allah does say—to make ply with the stars is just wasting the valuable time, money and energy? I should explain the matter a little.

I have a junior Physician friend he is very much talented and good at his subject. Of course, he should be as he is a much pious as well. Few days ago, after completing the Jumma praying I asked him the question—why does the Allah forbid over there? He was along with his one of nephews; however, I only asked him the question. He was little hesitated as was accompanied by his nephew! He retold me—“In front of my nephew, you are judging my I.Q.!” I understood his parochial situation too.

With making a big sorry, I told them as we were all the students of science; the Allah discourages us that answer came to my mind just after 4 months. However, as you are much talented than I, you may answer it within an hour.

In fact the answer is easy—those who have practicing on Math and Physics including little knowledge on Astronomy; they can easily answer the question.

To Surat Al Hijar, the great Allah says Jins are made by smokeless fire, so they can travel anywhere. They usually make attention on the space by their ears, and try to enter the heavens. However, a bit of boarder I don’t give them any option to enter there.

I make sure of my intelligent friends raising eye brow over here—bringing the Jin—but I will answer you them later on. Do you have any idea over the Milky Way and Galaxy?

Our planet the earth is driven by the sun including others planet like Saturn, Mars, and so on.


Now, among the all astronomers, Galileo and Hubble are most famous.
Milkeyway is combined by 200-400 billion stars.Many of milky ways are combined that make one galaxy. However, how many galaxies are over there; famous scientists have yet to calculate them!
I make sure; we get to have answer right away. Just one “Sun”, we are still beyond there, when we go other Suns?

By this time the day of resurrection will be come. So, how far will the men be gone right there? Because, when do the judgment day come including few other things e.g. the day of man’s death and place? Only the Allah knows. Surat an Nahl at 77 ayet-the Allah says-I am known about all secret of the heavens and earth, and the resurrection is just my eyes affairs or far nearby to me.

It does mean the doomsday may come in any moment.

However, the prophet(SM) said, the Allah has given us some symptoms. The signs of these are now visible too. One, we can say; without marrying there are numerous children.

These are bastereds. This symptom has increased in the USA and Europe. And, they are controlling the world by the special wish of the Allah (it is also a prophecy) and the number of bastereds and the countries have been increasing. So, the earth will be doomed within 1000 years, which we can easily assume right there too.

Allah says on Surat Mumninun-71, if the truth goes as your direction, the heaven and earth surely be contaminated and polluted soon.

We are watching about the Green house effect right now. Almost more than 80% carbon monoxide has been emitted by the developed countries; however, those countries are not liable over there, but they are about to sink into the sea—how much precaution have done by the liable countries on that issue by this time?

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(pages- 13

Or, any time the doomsday may come up, as the Allah says on An Nahl. So, will NASA go to which position to the space? We are still stayed at in one star! Forget the nuclear bomb.

It does mean the great Allah’s Ayet has proofed 100%. Because this prophecy was 1400 years back—and, now people have just reached to the moon safely.

Of course, last 100 years science has developed much; there is no doubt at all! This way it will be developing—no doubt. Question is how much? Intelligent one can easily realize what is saying. Human are generally selfish, in different ways they will demolish the earth.

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To many Sura’s, Allah says,in the judgment day individual person’s eyes, ears, skin and legs
would talk —person’s left thigh speaks firstly-what he used to do in the earth as witnesses. (41.12,36.65)

100 years ago, when our erstwhile generations were used to reciting the holy Quran, it might not have any scope understood the meaning except by the mercy of the Allah those were believers could have understood!(which he gets them to understand different ways)
And, on our the right and left shoulders, there are two honorable Angele’s are writing everything.

What is visible here? When human invented such a nice tape recorder with web camera; it is a tiny chore for the great Allah.

And the eyes, ears, hands matters are so simple. Chips are fixed here. Like, human super computer is nothing. What the Allah has possessed over there only he knows—I just make an implying!(For three years, I have been working on the internet, having almost some programming language that tells me, great Allah is so big a scientist that those who are experts on the internet and computer—it is much understandable for them than who don’t have!


What you and I am doing, how much illegal money (bribe money) we are accepting?
What do we do with others? All are easily recorded by the great Allah.
(An Nahal.16.19)

Again, Allah can punish us at this moment, but he doesn’t do so. Some people interpret it as wrongly. In different Surat Allah says about it. One of the principal causes is—Allah has sent us to examine.(Surat Al Hijar-15.3) There are other causes over there.(An Nahal-.61)
Another cause is if he punishes us immediately then his creation will be stopped. I would come slow and steadily.

His main objective is to test us that will be stopped. Not only that, he has set on a specific time for everybody—not a moment more or less, when the time crosses it happens, Not until a person goes on has he gotten the time to rectify himself. (We must attentively think it as it has a deep rooted meaning! — writer)

At this place, Allah warns the human kind (Surat Al- Wakia.83) “When the Azrail (A.) comes to snatch of your most dearest one’s soul nearest of staying you, why don’t you hold him up with your full strength and power right there? Just think about it by two minutes –human kind will continue their ways in right direction.

We are placing false witness in the court? You are doing what you like with the innocent people as a country leader? You have to answer to the great Allah about your people those are not saying pray in your area; it has come to the Surat. It is not the sole responsibility of the Imam of the area mosque. Those are intelligent they must not go over there right now—as what is going on the glove.**

**Last the holy Ramadan (2012) when I got the Ayet and understood the inner meaning—I pulled off my mind to the politics as I had a willingness to be engaged on there. Reasons is clear, do you have successful in your own house to say pray in your own house? How will you answer to the great Allah about it from this millions population’s country, forget in the perspective of the world. It doesn’t work on my head.
It is a surprising thing whether our numerous literate people do know or not!

(Pages–15 )

Islam is a great religion stuff, why do the most Islam followers still
confront over there?

I brought about only two examples on the existence of the great Allah. Be ready. Now I would bring about the D.N.A. test, Telephone, Television, people’s baby’s creation to giving birth including hundred evidences step by step. However, by this time I may die or you. So if you are an intelligent one, recite from the holy Quran with meaning, Insa- Allah you will get the answer soon.

And the heading’s simple answer is, the Allah sends the human being for testing and those who pass they will be relaxed.(AnNahal.97)

(Having car/estate it doesn’t measure the reality—here also have testing.)

In one Ayet says those who try for having the world with heavy illegal labor then they get to have.

Not only that Devil makes him cutie even though he has aged one and then the Allah
increases his life long, reason to as this mundane life is only you and you have no chance to get had the heaven(Surat47.25). But, the after life is all that you can have enjoyed if you take some initiation.

Now some people are getting the comfort life with corruption; it is the sole wishing of the great Allah!


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Evidences-3, Sura Isra.88, If the all Jins and the human being start work together to make the Holy Quran, they will not be written it. Those who believe in natural religion, from where the Quran come, answer the question, without any logic?

It is not far days that the mathematics of the holy Quran is being going on. It reveals that it is not the result of any natural phenomenon or this is not the human struggling as human can’t write the perfect Quran—now or never.

Evidences -3

Surat 2.22—25, the Allah challenges this ways:

“If you have any confusion what I said on the holy Quran through Mohammad (S.M), why not you make a single ayet . Call your witnesses, supporters and helpers if you are truthful. You can never do that so fear on the hell fire, because the fire is ready. However those who understand or believe, O Mohammad ask them– heaven is ready for them.”

When this Ayet had come first time and later nobody could have accepted this challenge.
During the time Prophet (S.M.) some famous poets in Mecca had tried there, but failed. These poets are still famous for their rhymes, but failed here.

They couldn’t have successful and will not be, because it not created by human. They tried by the smallest Surat (108), but failed. In 70 decades, mathematical terms says
Human never can do it! 1400 years back, Muslims didn’t do any research here.

Next page, I show you only two mathematical terms. If any specialist on math needs the source, I would give him.


This section contains the results of various calculations performed on Surahs in which numerical terms appear. The same numbers obtained as a result of different calculations in the relevant Surah are extremely noteworthy. This article discusses various types of calculation such as the numbers of syllables and letters in the Surahs, the types of letter and their numerological values [abjad], and reveals surprising similarities in the numbers emerging. The calculations in this section are not open to discussion; everyone can arrive at the same figures by performing the same calculations.

In addition to the sublime wisdom and knowledge of the Holy Qur’an in terms of meaning, it also contains very rich and extraordinary numerical references. In verse 29 of Surat an-Naba’ our Lord says “… We have recorded all things in writing.” And verse 28 of Surat al-Jinn reads “… (Allah) has counted the exact number of everything.” These miraculous numerical references obtained from the Holy Qur’an are also manifestations of our Almighty Lord’s title of “Al-Muhsey,” or “He Who knows the number of everything, even if it is infinite”.
And when We allotted to Moses forty nights. Then you adopted the Calf when he had gone and you were wrongdoers. (Surat al-Baqara, 51)
• 40 is the number of letters to the end of the verse from the term “arbaAAeena laylatan,” meaning “40 nights.”
• The numerological value [abjad] of the dotted letters up to “arbaAAeena laylatan ” is 40. (By minor abjad calculation)
• This subject first appears in the Qur’an in verse 40 of Surat al-Baqara.
• Number of syllables in verse 40 in which the subject begins is 40. 1
• In addition to verse 51 of Surat al-Baqara, which explicitly concerns “arbaAAeena laylatan” (40 nights), this also appears in verse 142 of Surat al-A’raf. It also appears figuratively in verses 143 and 155 of Surat al-A’raf.
a) The Surahs between these verses are: “al-Baqara”, “Al-Imr’an”, “an-Nisa”, “al-Ma’ida”, “al-An’am” and “al-A’raf.”
b) The names “al-Baqara”, “Al-Imr’an”, “an-Nisa”, “al-Ma’ida”, “al-An’am” and “al-A’raf” also contain 40 letters.

Source: this excerpted (pages 18 and 19 part) only from miracle of the Quran
(Pages-18 )

And when Moses was looking for water for his people, We said, ‘Strike the rock with your staff.’ Then twelve fountains gushed out from it and all the people knew their drinking place. ‘Eat and drink of Allah’s provision and do not go about the earth corrupting it.’ (Surat al-Baqara, 60)

• Number of words in the verse until the expression “ithnata AAashrata” meaning “twelve” is 12.
• Number of dotted letters until the expression “infajarat minhu ithnata AAashrata AAaynan” meaning “the twelve fountains gushed out from it [the rock]”; 12.
• Number of types of letter used in the term “infajarat minhu ithnata AAashrata AAaynan” 12.2


The Quran and Mountain

“Earth” a famous book name taught by as text curriculum, it is following in many
renowned universities in the world. It has two writers which one is Professor emeritus Frank Press who was a science advisor of ex President Jimmy Carter, also President of National academy of science, Washington, D.C. for over 12 years.

He wrote his book, the mountains have deep root that clinked to the ground. The Allah said on Surat An Nahal.15,” and Allah hold the mountains such a way that they make a balance right there.”


Modern science confirmed with sophisticated equipments the mountains proper standing after 1950 only.

Moreover, Surat An Nava, 6-7 Ayet says, “Have we not made the earth as bed and mountains as peg?”

Modern theory of plate’s tectonics says, this tectonics prevents the motion of earth which we have just known few years now after 1960. The holy Quran said it 1400 years back!
Can people write it?

Did anybody know it the time of Mohammad (S.M.) the actual shape of the mountains?
Mohammad (S.M.) knew by the grace of the Allah, but others? The modern science unconsciously proofed it duly.

Sometimes we make ourselves desperate with having various torments on earth, or we say, why does the Allah send us here to play only (sometimes I also said!), what is the meaning of it, the nesscity of it, sending here for a while and making induced to vagarious tormenting etc.

In this regard, the Allah says perfectly—“Do you think I sent you as mere for playing without having any cogent cause?”

So, Allah sent us to the earth for special causes. Allah says on different Surats, “If I wish I can provide you all countries or nations the essence of peace within a moment; however, I sent you to test you only.”(6.149, 7.94)

To another Ayet, Allah says,”Adam had made a mistake on heaven that drove him not stay over there—devils made it by conspiracy.”

Devil made them (Adam and Eves) understand, “You can visit to all area of heaven, but why don’t you pay a visit to this special tree? Why does the Allah make you forbidding going right there? Do you have any knowledge about it?” Later he himself answered,” Because if you eat the special tree’s fruits, then you both will be immortal soon, which Allah doesn’t want.” Etc.
Then, Adam and Eves ate the fruit of the tree.


After eating the fruit, Adam understood his mistake. How devil made him fool.
The Allah says his Ayet, “From now on, you each one starts the enmity (between own brother and sister too).” 5.27. Example: Habil and Kabil two brothers, Habil killed his own brother kabil.

Again, Allah says, “when you both ate the fruits then you were not in the position to live
there (Heaven).”
Like, both of them saw each other, their physical conditions changed—disposal about to come out. But, to the Heaven, no need to leave the disposal. So, Allah separated the earth from the Heaven within two days that they can live together. (It is cited on an Ayet, the earth was once the portion of the Heaven.)

Moreover, this enmity, Allah says,” Yes, if anybody wants my path I will show him the
way, or ask me with own mind and soul to get out from the enmity, I will certainly show him the path.” But need to pray or raise the hand to him.

So, we are watching why such no peaceful situation on this earth, and how do we can restrain from over there too.

Frequently ayets have come, “’When I make any nation victory, can’t I make it sustainable? Of course, I can do—but it is my wishes you people induce into the sorrow ness, painfulness and tormenting situation that I can test you. In this situation those of you request my guide with patience and praying then I will rescue you, otherwise not.”
(Surat Baqaraha-155)

We on the earth are watching the ayets explicit symptoms everyday. Why don’t you see the majestic people sometime are suffering the culminate tormenting on earth?

At the Surat Hujurat the Allah says with clear tone, “When you see two Allah believers
group make chaos each other, try to make them compromising. If you see one group is most bullish, then all together will hold them. When the bullish group understands their mistake then make a compromise both of them.”

Don’t we see our surrounding situation and symptom? Of course, we are watching, but we can’t just understand it. Because who we read the Quran, most of them don’t read it with meaning. In course of time, the Arabic meaning doesn’t go into the head of the most
people. However, if we are lucky Allah may make us understand only.


It might be the wish of the Allah.In this regard Allah, Allah says in many Surats that Allah sent the holy Quran in the Arabic language where they can understand it without any difficult.

Moreover, says,” I send the holy book to each prophet by their own language that they can easily understand it.”(14.4) This Ayet came to the other Surats too.

( Might be our a few educated persons don’t have any idea that if these educated people had known about this Ayet, they could have grasped the West Pakistani much vigorously than they do in the language movement time! Allah made emphasize most on mother tongue. Showing the Islam but we practices it with greediness, this way you can’t propagate the Islam right way. However, if you have no knowledge here, there is no crime at all!–writer)

This Ayet comes to other Surats too. Mohammad S.M. is a world prophet, so if a Japanese would like to understand the Quran it will be the best way to understand by his own language. After understanding the Quran by his language then he will understand, Arabic is a language of the Heaven then he will automatically learn by his own wills too.

In many ayets the Allah says, ‘I send the Quran as a gift for you, if you have no wills to understand it, hell fire is ready for you. And, those who are well educated and literate people if they don’t want to understand it, I will pull them up in resurrection day as blind.”

When we face any problem everybody says this and that and indicates the abettors or
intriguers. Consequently, all problems are happening by the specific direction by the fate
of people, no things are going on without causes, what will happen and how to save from them all directions are written by the holy Quran—we don’t know because of ignorance.

We try to get admitted on BUET/Dhaka University.(I myself tried to get a seat on Dhaka University from 350 seats where we participated not fewer than 25,000 students, by the grace of Allah I got a chance too.) where we do to understand the Quran little effort than to be 50% less. Without knowing the Quran meaning, what is going on that we always see on earth?

They are one of the great writers or scientists, but nobody likes to understand the meaning of the inner Quran with little effort as much as they try to reach to the goal on their own mundane life!


Therefore, for the time being, people get the mundane life profit but not the infinite life’s
any capital, sorry.
(I should mention one thing here, Mohammad S.M. said, one hour learning is better than whole night praying. But what type of knowledge or wisdom will be? Only for living comfortably or other things? Another matter, go to the China to have wisdom, what types of wisdoms? –Writer.)

Here, the Allah says on many Ayet on many Surats, “There are some of people among you who are most intelligent, powerful when the Quranic Ayet send to them—they say–“Yes, we are
in good shape, there is no symptom of our past generation’s coming back. We buried our past family members into the grave, their bone and flesh had mixed up in the dust—there is no sign of existence over there. But, you say they will come and resurrect in the resurrection day! (2.259)

The Allah has made a great scientific answer right here on many Ayets (Ayet means –evidence) specially to Surat Yasin. In this Surat especially last portion (total Ayets 83), if possible please see the meaning (from 60 Aeyets), how the cogent logic it is.

Like, Allah says,” when you put on the fire with wood do you think in a moment that it was the greenish tree?” Now you are putting on the fire, who did it create? You?
I make it. If you procure the seeds, can you make the atmosphere that is most needed, like, soil, rain water or water? The water that you procure from the soil; it is created by me.”

After firing, this tree is going to have ash. Can you make a tree from the ash? I am making them.

When you had no existence, I make you mixing both (Nuthfa) with your mother womb then slow and steadily, I create a piece of blood meat, bone and blister the meat over the bones, later a good shape baby born.

(Pages– 23)

(In this affair, you can claim about the “Test tube” baby which is creating by having atmosphere of a “mother womb”, but who has created the seed? No scientists have any contribution right there, except the great Allah!)

Then, this baby grows day by day, later a young chap, mid ages then in course of time, one day gets die. Allah says, and then you put him down on a grave—soon the body having limb-bone goes mixing with the ground or clay.

So, how do I resurrect him, it is the great question of you?

But, you don’t look at one great difference that when you had no existence, I got you up.
Now, when you have no existence on the grave, why don’t I put you up again?

I get to know those who have a simple knowledge; he readily understands what I wanted to say. Of course, in the day of judgment, the great Allah just will order the all died men who are lying inside the grave to get them up, immediately they will be getting up one by one, and this time they need not 9 months 10 days as a single baby needs to have born. As what he likes he can do—-this he showed thousands and thousands times in the past on earth
(See: Surat Ibrahim)

He showed it to Prophet Abraham (R.). The Allah ordered him to slaughter four birds, and put them on four mountains, then the Allah asked them to come to Abram’s own hand, immediately they rebirth and flew to come over his hand.


Evidences 5: How does an Aero plane fly? Surat an Nahl.

(pages 25 conti–)


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