Better English/IELTS ব্যান্ড স্কোর কিভাবে নির্ণয় করা হয়?

এই পেজে যান

IELTS লিসিনিং স্পিকিং ও রিডিং পেজ এ যান ‍।

বি.দ্র. এ top ad আমাদের বিজ্ঞাপন দেখুন(education categoryতে)

I am much in debt to Norman Lewis for his book, “Better English” and “Word power” since 1995.

The confidence that I bear which sowed by his profound writing of Basic English grammars. I shouldn’t hide myself that I have been gone through many grammarian books like, Raymond and Murphy, A.S. Horn by (the writer of the Advanced Oxford dictionary) Nash fields or Wren and Martin including by writing of Michael Swan, and have still been going on almost everyday, however, I am not comforted except Lewis, so that he is my Guru to learn English grammar.

I urge you all if you like to be confident on grammar, you can do so. I am going to have put his
(Lewis) basic strategy you here on this site that you can have a good idea how to proceed on in due course of time.

If you like to take a test of among our educated people how they are in Basic English grammar, a simple test is enough:

Who vs. Whom, Lie vs. Lay or Effect vs. Affect, these are most grammatical traps to make a judgment in English test more or less.

So, are you ready to have done a test about you?

Before going there, shouldn’t have you great grasp of parts of speech? Have you done right there ultimately? Could you identify a single word from a sentence which one is which in terms of parts of speech? Can you analyze them with morphology? If not, please, do them the first as it is the foundation of English grammar more or less.


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