The English writers’ foundation

Welcome to the “English Writers’ Foundation” round the world.

We believe only the true writers’ never dive into making a noise in the economy and politics anywhere in the world.

What types of writings we serve for you?

Basically webpage content writing is our main task having related to others, like——

Are you going to publish an e-book/ paperback book in English/Bangla? Do you need to have any type of English book translating to Bangla or vise a vise?

You may get to have valuable suggestions over there by our renowned writers and professionals, like  webpage content  proof reading, cover layout, graphic design and all press related up to new publication of an edition in one place, and you never may be found on a printing press tradesman venue!

These writers’ almost all were the ex-students of English department of Dhaka University including some are teachers right there too depending on the work complicity. Moreover, we know and aware about the native style in English writing to make much sense in to their ears which are painfully absent more Bangladeshi English writers’ pen yet!

Do you need e-Book, e-commerce and other business services relating with writings?
Please contact with us.

Here: or call us over 01766-080655

Would you boast of your writings that are almost like a native style writing in Bangladesh?
If so,please send your writing prototypes to above mail soon– even you needn’t any certificate,but I make ensure your min. income 80,000 taka per month provided that the claiming is correct!


Directing adviser with legitimate affairs
B.Com.(Hons) in Marketing M.Com.(S.M.Hall,D.U. 91) since 2003 it is BBA and MBA similarity! LL.B.(N.U.)
An avid writer for over 33 years, and in English from 1995 starting to The Financial express, The Independent and Daily star in Bangladesh, later to Huffington Post, The New York times, Open democracy to the UK etc.

For many  months, he has been the most readable a writer among Bangladeshi any writers to PULSE( where all PMs including Obama, David Cameroon or M. Modi used to write) in LinkedIn, please check it out right now, why don’t you do? Internet has given you so much facilities to have judged immediately!!!

Attention please: This site created in 2011.

This site has been possessed and promoted by KOREANLAB CONSULTING & PUBLICATION (owner Ms Rehana Begum) where Quazi is an adviser and having paid fee consulting teacher in English if needed over there only by BD laws.


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