How to make a solution?

Good score in an exam and the implementation into a real life, do you think it is a synonymous term?

Answer is a big NO!

All walk of people judges your English level just to see fluently English speaking capability. However, speaking English doesn’t get to have given you a guaranty that it is worthwhile in writing correctly.

Nevertheless, writing of English correctly doesn’t give you a guarantee that you can speak in English fluently. In a result, an interesting phenomenon has been inducing in the real world in every day life!

Yes, it is certain somebody having better in English writing if he, of course for a non native, wants to speak in English fluently—it is the most convenient way for him to speak fluently than who is not better in writing yet.

In practicality, we in the real life have not been observing in most of the time for a non native speaker! Question is why?

In that connection today, I am going to have induced a depth discussion right there that I got the answer since my several years practical life experience– I mean from the career life in Bangladesh and the abroad.

To speak in English, somebody should be eloquent in speaking in his own language too;
where he needs sufficient vocabulary stocks in real moment— otherwise he will be a little tongue tight in the conversation moment—- which is the most troublesome for a non native speaker— but not for a native speaker! Right there, a native speaker is having a winning position whether he is an educated one or not.

But for a non native, he has to learn first many English vocabularies that are really a troublesome for somebody that lead them to restrain to learning process much vigorously that I have been watching over the non native speakers for over many years.

Many people finally give up the process on the middle point or at the beginning period too. Partly because, it is painstaking too to learn many vocabularies as there is a few implementation on the non native environment as well.

So, what to do to cling to here? That is a real million dollars question too. Thousands and thousands of native and non native teachers have been working right there to understand this real phenomenon and to pull them up—out put is not so enthusiasm yet.

People like to forget unwanted things from their practical experiences; it is a human psychology too. We must neck over there first. One better step could be to make a fun on this learning process for the non natives to learn English speaking spontaneously almost every day and daily life.
Also see my writing comment here, British council site:

Moreover, real out come can be another effort. I should make a clarification right way here. I mean if a non native can earn from this speaking process from his real life career directly or other ways it must make his confidence much, and that will lead him to much struggle over there to learn. The more he earns the more he will learn—a situation must be created right there. Then it is only a time that everybody watches, yes it works!

Efforts will be stewed much then.

And always get helped from the most authenticated site like mine:

Canadian Govt. own site if you follow Oxford style in English.

Or please go to the British Council chief main server site for your most convenience as you wish:

Be cautious:
When learn anything specially English or Math, you must understand your teacher motives first. Is he a professional one? Good.

Is he a most commercial one? Bad. Just avoid him that I learned from my Dhaka college life!
I got my letter marks in my Book keeping at S.S.C. level. At H.S.C. I took helping from one of our accounting teachers in our college in 1982. You know that time Dhaka college was the number one college in Bangladesh.

Before starting our final exam at Dhaka board, our teacher didn’t even make any hints that he was about ready to leave Bangladesh with having a lucrative teaching ship  job in the Middle East.

I had a bit incomplete of my Accounting and book keeping subject, unfortunately, a question came from incomplete part that I had bit confusion too! I had no way to take suggestion from him as by this time he had left Bangladesh!If he had informed us, we wouldn’t have faced the trouble most.

1st paper I got 81,the second paper where the problem lies 71 as one problem I did wrong due to confusion that I had wanted to reduce by our honorable teacher!

That is why I always like to avoid this type of greedy teacher( may I say? Shouldn’t have a duty of him to let us know his departure to abroad on time?)—almost all famous teachers are in Bangladesh are now these types of teachers if they like to challenge me, I can proof it in the learned court too!

Is this off track, well, forget all and CHEERS!

Why do our majority of students get weak at English language grammar?

Only one answer that is our majority  of teachers are not good at English grammar!
If they had not weak at  English the reflection would not have so gloomy, like now.

Moreover, why do math subjects drive so pathetic to our majority of students? Answer is our teacher either they are the most confused or teaching techniques are wrong that put the students reluctant to have understood the subject most rapidly. Ultimately it makes them tired with.

For instance, our maximum teachers are not good at teaching the “Verbal phrases” or “Prepositions usage” to their students perfectly as they themselves of majority were not good at understanding the prepositions or verbal phrases in their early ages!

I have been a member of Applied linguistic forum to LinkedIn for last four years, from here, I got to have ideas how dreadful understanding of us few teachers in English language grammar, moreover, some are tremendous good at understanding the grammar and have the quality to make you understand perfectly! It is my Gosh! I have much indebt to them right away! I salute to them.

Problem lies diplomatic farce talking almost all the time, you can’t discuss the problem cordially with your colleagues or friends as almost all are themselves confused and make the old game of smoke and mirrors!

Well, please don’t try to goad them as they themselves are in bad shape and the time is not to have made them rescue from the hell soon—the quintessence.

P.S. Those who you are much familiar about internet , you know different sites admin. usually changes their page lay out/or others that can hamper your link from my site without having my concern as well, pls. keep it as easy only!


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