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  1. Professional member:

    As a law associate(not as an advocate by our Bangladesh bar council rule) I am a member, here with-

    -ICC International criminal court
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    -and The United Nations

    This comment writing to –International criminal law

    Behind this human trafficking, low moral strength is one of the most liable in all societies more or less. People living in a poor economic country to find better economy is a common phenomenon in all societies. Like, eastern European people may like Western Europe or Latin American people may like to migrate to the USA etc.

    This desiring is the target by some unethical human traffickers. If any government wants to eradicate them, it is not a complicated task. However, question is whether the Governments are cordial to hold them or not in different countries.

    That is why every country should work collectively to make the crime rate low.

  2. More comments writing, please search on the above member forums time to time,
    specially here, to:

    -Canada education group
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  3. What could be more important than an accent? Here is my opinion——

    Hi Jeri & Bruce!
    Thanked for your real assumption over there “Accent.” Wherever we live round the glove those who are educated; they have the responsibility to maintain the proper accent.

    Look, I have emphasized over the educated one not uneducated one, as he later is free from a lot of social responsibility except sever legal responsibilities.

    When an uneducated one talks, he may not aware of how to talk with a gentle one properly and so forth. It is not his/her fault rather he is unfortunate to have the right education out there.

    Based on my many times visiting to several countries, I got few peculiar experience right there, like, having taxi driver, shop keeper and immigration officers. We can over look first two of them but can’t over look the last one! When this guy has not having standard English accent then it may be a deadly trouble for the immigration seekers on the queue at the Airport!

    I helped many people on the queue at airport time to time — but having trouble with immigration officers for only accent differences that tells me, every educated one should be aware of these types of troubles before traveling to abroad.

    Moreover, people from all around the globe should understand that a person likes to make sound by his/her own language accent unconsciously. So, sometime I hear an Arabic tone from the BBC though she speaks nicely with perfect English! You don’t have any risk here, but if she is acting as an Immigration officer to give decision whether you can enter the city from any airport desk; it can be the real danger. Same to the taxi drivers that I find these troubles almost every time.

    An educated cleaver native or nonnative English speaker knows what standard accent is, and that is not typical Floridian, Chinese or Indian English accent– but it might be the CNN or BBC accent including few famous movies too. Otherwise, all accents will make “Hotchpotch,” and no proper dialogue will be occurred on the real moment.

    That was why these cleverer tourists used to wander on Beijing’s street to street having good map with them, as they knew nobody can help them as some educated Chinese (with honor) accent may mislead their proper direction too! I got helped from the educated native speakers from that situation to find me out the proper hotel and street over there!

    At present, I am rendering services over skype how to speak in English faster ways toward several students around the world—the problem is same– own native accent.

  4. To grasp at almost native accent is much easier than write English correctly!

    Because you like or don’t like; this sound is coming into one’s ear with turning on the TV every moment. One just makes attentive on the speech accent carefully that is enough. Today’s child psychologists’ say– these types of multimedia make much positive impact than traditional teaching does.

    To write correctly in English with proper grammar and punctuation is not a joke that I have been watching here and there everyday. At least nobody makes a laugh when somebody could transfer the meaning with a standard accent!

    Like, when a child with other nationality in a native class room says oh! There is a “boid” on the tree! It makes laugh among fellow students immediately. Teacher makes a correction; no, no—it is a bird. That child is murmuring—oh, it looks like a boid!

    Or in a restaurant, please serve me a plate of “flied lice” instead of Fried rice.

    However, teaching is not a simple job, and some teachers just mislead unconsciously to our innocent students without knowing their own capacity too. I was one of the victimized at my school level exam. Moreover, many are dedicated, and I got them as well.

    But, since long years, my students if they follow my mentoring carefully will not be the holder of second grades that I noticed by this time.

    For clarity of my views:
    or go here:

  5. Today’s comment on English language skill:

    Jeri, you raise up now another most important issue.

    Like a conversation between a father and daughter in Bangladesh culture. Daughter is saying:

    “Father, have your dinner.” (It is a usual course of action, every evening.)
    “Father, have your dinner!” (Father is sick; doctor forbids his usual dinner for a while)
    “Father, have your dinner?” (As he is sick, she is now surprise why does he want it tonight?)
    “Father, have your dinner.” (Commanding sentence, as father is reading a book on dinner period.) etc.

    In every sentence, there is no changing of any word, but using the different variation of tones makes the meaning in different ways. Good actors know this variation as well as some articulate public figures in the world in every time, like L. King and Lincoln. People like them unconsciously.
    However, those people are successful around us, they are maximum the eloquent and articulate speakers, ———no doubt.

  6. Another one:

    Whatever you say her grammar is not bad at all. I make sure she usually not meets at international convention, so far.

    However, with much honor and without any prejudice to her, I like to draw attention to those who like to advocate on accent is not far more important in the real conversation.

    Actually, I have understood her speech less than 70% only, may be it is my fault as I am not still familiar with Spanish accent very much. If she is careful, certainly she can develop her speech much better than it is now—hoping for the best.

  7. Yes, to be understood the sound is much more important. If we like to make this is the target, then we have nothing alternative to follow the one or two standard accent in the world when almost everyone can understand the sound what we are saying.

    Otherwise a lot of misunderstanding will be continuing around the world. An Indian Jumbo air crashed a few years ago; investigation said the problem was misunderstanding the accent conversation with the control tower! Your student can be a future pilot that ethical responsibility will be on your shoulder too.

    Accent is really a matter we understand it or not.

  8. At The United Nations:

    Forget everything, just read “the Quran” with meaning several times, you everybody will see the inner meaning of Islam. Moreover, if you don’t follow the SM. advice in accordance with the Quran, the meaning will be futile accordingly The Quran.

    Recently, I am going to publish a book, name–“The scientific evidences of the great Allah’s blessings of creation” is just about to publish soon. Moreover, one link will be on line as eBook edition that could be visible for everybody, so far.

    Conclusion is Islam doesn’t encourage any division rather compromising. Please see the Surat(49) Al Huzurat

  9. At International Criminal Law forum:

    However, this human trafficking of relating problems like, the prostitution, drug business and so on would not be eradicated for ever, but the rate can be reduced to a lower level only.

    We can rely on Ms Melanie report. Problem is— we must also focus on some of the basic matters as these are the some primitive trades starting on the earth in the early human race debuting period. No country can stop them completely rather to control a considerable way to maintain the lower rate.

    As variations of the economy, politics, education and race are the number one bar from country to country while without cooperation by all country collectively—it is a dreaming effort to eradicate the human trafficking perfectly.

    Moreover, poverty stricken country governments’ inner motive to be evaluated much by the richest states first. The rich countries need drugs for their people more or less in contrast the poorest need to migrate to the richest land!—a commonest equation.

    Can a rich country stop taking her boys and girls drug completely? Can a poor country make her economy reaching the level of rich country? Both answers are big—No.

    The oil is burning from a well by nature— Governments country to country will not control many things as they are also unable to do so to some extend.

    Based on all the information, we should keep continuing to urge the all nations to maintain law and enforcement agency including awareness programs to the highest level—here the United Nations have the most sacred responsibilities to take initiation.

  10. At International Criminal Law forum:

    It was really a sad demise of the tiny lady.

    Great Allah will judge everything that he says about the “Law of equality” on Surat Al Baqhara or An Nesa.

    I am not a preacher on the religion; however, I wrote a book over the Quran, name:

    “The scientific evidences of the great Allah’s blessings of creation.”

    First and foremost, this is a fact which is a scattered accident in a society that has been happening around the world including western countries more or less–almost on everyday. We can’t generalize with this accident on the Islamic society, and so on.

    With the modern education, I do have—it is a psychological disorder of a father whom needs proper treatment. Saudi Arabia has those treatment facilities of these types of paranoid or psychosis affairs like many American Hospitals have.

    Justice department may consider over there soon. However, with a profound reading on countless news around the world every day, my view is, this man is not on better shape in connection of sound mind—–he is a psychosis patient, like, I see thousands on the western societies everyday.

    He is not a safer one for any societies, and should be held on prison until the proper medical authority gives him the positive right thumb.

    Criminal laws say (to almost all countries, based on the Roman law of ‘Mens Rea’) if it finds a person was insane during the time of committing a crime; you can’t put him on death sentence. To do a crime, you need a guilty mind first. An insane has no such motive.

  11. At International Criminal Law forum:

    This forum is only for the International criminal law, isn’t it?

    However, we may discuss all laws that are related with this law. Laws have deep rooted connections within human societies—- as law is for the society.

    A state or church is driven by the some sorts of laws too. In that context of vast branches of other related things is the most significant, like, religions.
    Obviously as a theism one, based on the scientific evidences and modern thinking, I may assume the pleader is agnostic or atheistic one; however, which is not my considering matter as well. I respect his belief.

    Matter is whether he has sound knowledge of over comparative religion theories including the Torah, Bible and The Qur’an; otherwise it is difficult to understand the all that I am going to quote here soon in favor of him, ultimately, of course.

    I agree to some extend, of course, some greedy people are always ready to make chaos in a society in the name of religion. To avoid the situation, some states in the Europe separated the church (amending the law) from the state in renaissance time.

    Well, question is not that, question is whether the religion, specially, is Islam good or bad? My answer, of course, is good based on the science and philosophy, but the most Islam followers including Jews/Christian are not sufficient and proper educated in terms of science and religion. Problem lies right there.

  12. At International Criminal Law forum:

    I never see a single Ayat of the Qur’an is discomfort able or illogical on a Wiseman’s eye—same to the Bible sometime!

    Misconception and misunderstanding are the two evil roots that are everywhere, of course, by the wills of our Allah/God. I am not a preacher or cleric rather an attentive researcher over comparative religions.

    Westerners separated the state (Law) from the church behind there were a lot of causes that we a major portion of people even don’t know—moreover, we have no optimum interest too!

    I respect to the all beliefs by the law—- does it make ensure to avoid the mistrust and misunderstanding among us? Answer is no. We can control the society to some extend only.

    However, better knowledge including ethics (religion) and law over on the specific topics is the only solution to make sure to build up a trust among us.

    To other corner, insanity pleading always is a better defense to have a pardon in the learned court.

  13. The United nations

    “Ignorance of law there is no excuse” it is a famous adage on our law profession.

    I wonder what said by the Gospel, John 14:16, 15:26 and 16:7-14 and so on.

    Einstein once said-Science without religion is just a blind thinking.

    Based on the free sex campaign people even don’t aware what is really mean science!
    Modern educated with a clear perception over religions, a person can’t be against the Malaya’s efforts. Moreover, all sorts of fundamentalists on Christian/Jews/Islam are the threat to peaceful world.

    With due respect to all here, we should all read the comparative religions first to comment over there.

    Does Islam discourage woman education? Answer is No.

    Some so called Mullahs’ aren’t the synonymous terms of true Muslims—some media should aware of right there first then all spontaneous cheering is on her good means—no problem at all.

    Does Islam degrade the women? Answer is No.

    I have no intention you all read our the Qur’an or your Bible/Torah –my question is without knowing to comment looks like to some extend a big “Hippocratic” efforts—why do we go over there?

    AUTHOR of“The Scientific evidences of the great Allah’s blessings of creation.”

  14. At Bangladesh leadership network forum

    I wonder whether the leadership is learning process or the process of spontaneous behavior.

    So far, I don’t know from which university the great leaders like George Washington, Lincoln, Mandela and our Sheikh Mujibur Rahman had learned, like us; we have been learning from the different universities, but so poorly!

    Since my boyhood, I have been watching these few leaders are beside me and us whenever you need; they just start up their playing role automatically.

    Question is right here whether the qualities of the role of them are acceptable or not to the eyes of the general people and the rest of the educated people irrespectively.

    Here is the problem lies most, as because major portion of the educated people can’t understand the language of the general people! Result—some unethical leaders debut on time in every society and every time from the beginning of the earth.

    However, general people accept them immediately as they feel them the most valuable role players for the mass; educated people here defeat second time!

    Now come to a multinational co. where the big people are the head of admin. However the owners are not always having PhD, holders on Business subject(sorry, I have no idea how many Forbes or Fortune 500 co.s early owners were having that!) right away.

    Because people are the failure or success element everywhere, whether you feel comforts them to handle or not. We need leader here not manager at all.

    That is why so big and big business degree we need as a bureaucrat(Manager, please see the OB) that degree needn’t for the born creators and entrepreneurs, behind Ever green, Samsung, Daewoo, Microsoft and so on, a lot of I can cite.

  15. Now Top Contributor to Bangladesh leadership network on 23 rd Feb,2014

    It is the most pleasure to have seen that American center and Bangladesh association of American studies have jointly organized a seminar for two days(22-23 Feb,2014, overall organized by Dhaka University) to narrow the gap of our two cultures.

    I am most interested to continual it for our next posterity to have a better understanding between two country which encourages us most.

    America has stand on morality and proper logic from its debut in 4th July, 1776 that has no concussion with our morality and patriotism that formally started in 16 th, December, 1971!

    Being conscious on our cultural history and American culture, I am much aware what is going on behind it, like, when I used to write on the Huffing ton post or American thinker and open democracy (UK) time to time!

    I urge the America and here, the USA embassy,

    please take proper initiation in this regard as our new posterity wouldn’t go to the backward mental agony as some vested interest groups would like to make—beating about the bush—.

    Moreover, our Quran urges the national anthem with language most that some uncouth and lunatic people don’t have any knowledge on this regard. Please see the Surat Ibrahim .4 with including many.

    However, for their most own means, they were against our sweetest independence in 1971.

    I make sure American new posterity has much knowledge about these fraudulent and humbugs politicians those are against Bangladesh yet. So, it is the time to shun away all dismal soon, the more we understand soon, and the better the relation would be!

  16. Please read to original post to Applied linguistic forum now, I posted it an hour ago:

    Exactly, Will. the old theory—Boss is always right. May be these days are going to obsolete or not most effective in modern world as everybody knows which is right which is not—more or less.

    If you can act with local norm, certainly you will have more friends somewhere opportunity too.

    Once I have been just some months to Beijing, I tried to take rice with TWO STICKS from a little bowel in the restaurant, and noticed many came forward to help me how to hold on two sticks on the fingers! Within two days, it was easier for me including other things.

    I usually notice, people generally anywhere are most friendly if you know how to get noticed.

    The time of 1993 to Beijing, it was even educated majority Chinese people couldn’t have speak English fluently far away, their accent was absurd, I tried to phone from hotel sometime to Foreign ministry of China if anybody gave me some good directions how I do solve my problems—result was Big Zero–because the phone was rolling from one to another unable to speak clearly or free from ambiguous!

    I make sure situation is every where the same, you go Canberra they try to speak like them, go BKK, from airport immigration officer would speak English with Thai accent, you have to be most attentive at every word—what does it mean or what is going on.

    The thing is what that time TOEFL listening couldn’t have taught me such linguistic sound variations—my frequent visiting just taught me excellent grasp of sound variations like –South African, Icelanders’ including the others told me, well, be alert, follow the SOUND variations, certainly, patience will help you soon!

    If you try to show yourself here OVER SMART, sorry, little odd situation may, you have to over come.

    Of course, that moment I had 6 months completed another language course—German/Deutch that helped me too. But your ability to the changing situation is the number one quality for anybody if you like to work with cosmopolitan societies—otherwise several language abilities are nothing except the stuffs of Showcase.

    Implementation is all.

  17. 9 Things That Make Good Employees Quit–Travis

    5, 7 and 8 are the elements that need to have understood by extra quality which many managers even many qualified ( it seems) people don’t have possessed how to deploy the right person to the right places!

    7 is a warning for mediocre people generally almost all managers are fall into this quality they are afraid to train up superior quality if it goes against them,

    finally—last 8 is a dangerous phenomena that many managers have good scores on the public exams in their life but are most blunt instrument type of mentality of no extra-curricular activities they have as all time most conscious to build up career development by academic feat but not had time for developing their own mentality by joining social venues, clubs, cultural programs of sports, art museum or writing hobby–all, nobody gains any direct money but the over all return is, their mentality is like a king, and generally these types of people contribute in the society, community most by various ways of creation that the earth need most.

    Like Einstein, Bertrand Russell and many, and Einstein used to lament for one point—earth will not be destroyed by the bad people but it will be most inertness of no creative people who never take any initiation in the society!

  18. This level of misery in the World’s only Superpower!
    Based on the Economists and Asia Week, I wrote an article about teen age girls trafficking of all Nepalese to Indian brothels in 1996.

    So far, I can remember the situation was worst than your articles tell us. However, one thing is same it is unwanted child sex abuses which is possible by our some so called looking gentle or educated people may have supported by their own caricature mentality—otherwise it is absurd under the civilized nation, some human traffickers or sex-gangs do it —it is impossible.

    Only better education can save us all from all distorted mentality where no question at all. I am happy at present Obama has been taking some extra care of initiation that I never saw before like children’s education program, meeting with them and encouraging them more.

    I wrote another article—-what is happening to Baltimore? at Pulse, based on racism free mind, as I like every race, like xenophobia free mind where I asked him to take extra care for our next posterity, writings are many other people from different forums as well, I feel enchanting Mr. Obama at least starts up his programs too.

    Sorry, if we don’t write these and that like Ferez you write now, how do of presidents of different countries will be conscious what to do next?

    Thank you, you shared us a big issue that tells us —-how much dark is still under the lamp unless you know—-really interesting for the USA educated people as they should have taken initiatives before!

  19. 10 Tips for Young Professionals Publishing on LinkedIn

    The art of writing is the reflection of what you are!

    Of course, many of inner thinking that a writer can’t say orally it is the place to write and if you have the eye and wisdom, you can easily identify a writer’s genuine character how much reliable he is for a specific task that you needn’t any other recommendations–oh! he is the great in the particular task, and so on.

    Sorry, but reality———maximum great writers are worthless to have responsibilities of management, admin and controlling the people on earth that is the number one “ART” where no any other strategies are most important!

    Or they are living in the foolish of paradises that have little value in the mundane life or all time making bubbling or producing gobbledegook gesture that has no real value for the rest of us.

    These are the Edgar Allen Poe types of writers that has no value in our real life but Mark Twain or Ernst Hemingway’s maximum writing stuffs have some gist that could turn a reader to be at least a practical man.

    I make sure, LinkedIn should have classified the writers to business and trade, law and admin, education, management and sheer creative writings accordance with their ability————as sheer popularity and quality is not the synonymous terms at all.

  20. China’s Diverse Billionaires

    Might be Chinese law and order has the blessings over there with hard labor. However, I had no opportunity to have visited to mass villages except Beijing city that told me they are much afraid of law and order that forced them to respect law.

    I had been almost 2 months to Beijing once, one day a taxi driver took me to an embassy but I was annoyed to him as I guessed he for nothing wasted my time to come there followed many flyovers to have much fare on the meter!
    I paid him and threatened I wrote his taxi number to talk police after my work to the embassy as my appointment time was just about to elapse.

    Interesting was having finished my task, when I got out from the embassy gate, I saw there were other empty taxis stranded there and all drivers were gossiping, one embassy guard who knew a bit English speaking, came to me and benignly told me, “this driver is afraid about you as you took note of the taxi number, etc!”

    I was so surprised as it was almost an hour before! Guard requested me to ride on his taxi again to get back my hotel room with no need new fare as he understood his fault, he needed compromising.
    I was a bit hesitated what was going on, or any new trouble? But assured by the embassy guard who told me he is permanent employee there, then I agreed to go him again.

    A simple fact, tell you a lot, this is the story of a nation that led them now 200 billionaire, I am not surprised at all!

    My true story was in the end of 1993!

  21. And those that dron not get resolved!

    However, we have to send flowers to our foes as it is the highest gesture of gratitude on earth, who knows situation can be changed one day!

    We shouldn’t forget it is the trouble of our so many political leaders short coming which always make them fishing into the muddy water not all the time the general people who fight and later embrace each other soon.

    Greater India is one community, almost same rich culture having fantastic foods and fruits. I am not telling anything fabricated information if you go to the Southeast Asia, you can easily identify what I say.

    I traveled these countries several times, our foods and fruits are unique, just be examined my claiming through neutral ways. Our shrimps (BD) has extraordinary flavor that Thailand exports to Japanese Market having seal of Made in Thailand, so do Langra mangoes that you never get the flavor to anywhere, like our color of tea and so on.

    The Royal Bengal is unique symbol on earth having SunderBan. If the politicians had farsighted understanding like Gandhi and our Mujib somewhere Jenna, sorry, these three countries could have all to the developed country status with 10 years.

    If any country has heat and water, this country is a rich country almost all science tell us. So, it is the time all general people should understand what we miss all the time that our some so called politicians all time showing—the old game of smoke and mirrors,like beating about the bush!

    Don’t the Jews and Christians religion pray differently in Germany or other European countries?

    Why don’t they show up the silly matter all time? EDUCATION,EDUCATION AND EDUCATION ARE ALL.


    LinkedIn life and career practical professional of life have no difference as internet has now everywhere!

    I always appreciated the Google search engine that has broken the “hide and seek” playing such some of our politicians even some professionals do every time in the real world.

    Sorry, the reality is –no where to run! Russian’s authority some time lamenting what the search engines do, I care, they did right work. When you claim you are a professional one, you have no right to hide under the table at least you have to face everything positively, and professional people know and have duty how to protect you from any unwanted situation—it is a great understanding only.

    Like, in the learned court, you can’t hide anything, so far, you are a cunning one, as opponent knows how to pull the truth all the time.

    So, someone see your profile unanimous gesture–they are either the staffs of CIA, KGB, Musad or any types of secret authority people or sheer unprofessional fledgling people only those who are always hide their face even in your college life class room!

    Sorry, your management and professional attitude definitely reflects on your profile–no doubt at all. Even your taste is over there how rich of your writings as well.

  23. What the world must learn from the Chinese market crash…

    Sorry, writer seems a bit sadist about the Chinese market that makes him bias to analyze the market perfectly!

    We shouldn’t forget math and human don’t synonymous terms at all! Like math says–there are two men and two women in the room, total 4 people.

    Sorry, it is wrong, as human discernible tells us there are two men and two women in the room not 4 people!

    In reality, a market can collapse within a night if human mind collapse in the market,assume speculation is— this country is gong to engage with third country in a war next morning!

    Market doesn’t depend on sheer black and white process but on confidence.

    What about Chinese product if I choose with another neighborhood country, definitely Chinese would be prevailed for BD. in terms of cost effective, quality and trust and so on a lot of variables, even shipment timing, over there.

    You can’t make a buyer second time fool, of course, greater Indians number one problem is we can’t make trust rapidly as past records say many difficult experiences.

    Sorry, it seems China has over come it by this 20 years past—they have already now over 200 billionaires and increasing, mass people are most satisfied by their consuming items, mass people have a lot of purchasing power and it increasing rapidly—what about India? Bangladesh?

    Thousands of peasants still commit suicide for unpaid debt issue in India every year, 25% in Bangladeshi is still in below the poverty level, sorry, we have no complacency to make stew much. Our business environment (including law and order) trust level is so poor, I am afraid to go further. if we management and leaders group don’t realize the situation yet, and making bubble game for others—sorry, there is no rapid prom of developing the faster ways of us—what I say from my practical experience in three years to staying –HKG and Beijing, having many years business experiences as well.

    We should learn Chinese management soon, sooner is healthier for us not by convincing by them but my management knowledge tell me all. Japan is not commercial viable for us and for many countries for the last 10 years by “cross cultural” management issue.


  24. Language restriction during group discussion in EFL/ESL class. As a teacher what are your recommendations to solve this issue?

    Peter, exactly.

    Teacher should be much articulate to know about the problems of the students. Moreover, a teacher must act with friendly mannerism that helps them be easy. Non native students number one problem is they have no sufficient voculb. in the exact time to continue their speaking in English spontaneously that usually hold them off for a while or class room environment may make them afraid of!

    The first and foremost duty is by the teacher, to make an easy situation,like nobody will mock at you( a single student while he speaks!) if you can’t continue speaking fluently. Otherwise, shifting to L1 is an inevitable out come!

    I had several non native students on skypee class from China to Bulgaria to Italy including Dhaka’s many language centers’, problem was same they are most poor at vocabularies that prevent them speaking fluently. And finally if the teacher is not most an easy one,oh! the situation will be like—-the bored students went into sleep during the boring lecture!

    What I want to tell you all—it is the problem of teachers who maximum have little ideas how the English language can be delivered among the students most enchanting ways only or it is not a subject of troublesome anything that he/she can translate into the ears of audiences—that is all.

    What I say, being a student of the best College and University of Bangladesh( 160 million people), I faced it in my student life and interesting is history is repeating only in Bangladesh again and again including almost all third world country students—sorry, who will goad them all.

  25. 2.

    Both Katerina and Peter are correct in some extend.

    Yes, you can’t translate word by word, of course, once these phenomena were in BD, we some teachers have already persuaded many, no, language is not only translation, there are many other senses are over there–situation has changed a lot by this time.

    Like—Colorful green ideas sleep furiously!

    However, in question of techniques, I would say a bit more—yes, students of natives or nonnatives “hate” language grammars more or less where nonnatives more. Solution?

    Enchanting class environment including teachers quality is number one prerequisite. My father put the seed inside my mind or he ignited the light of teaching inside my mind in my early life—how wonderful could be the English language!

    Like—Dog in the manger, this phrase he taught me when I was a grade 2 student and so on many other things–that made curiosity on my mind————————–what is– dog in the manger?

    Again I tell you all, somebody never need your English language, but the majority of educated people need it, sorry, what the teachers do here?

    Sorry, somebody themselves are–BORED! How do you expect them bring you light? There are a lot of rooms over there to be improved–the quintessence of my participation on this specific thread to speak up before walking out— Socrates says—know thy selves!

    Sorry, your lecture sometime your students don’t understand that make them bored and hate English and math in your class room—-it happened in my own life, it happened in my class in Dhaka University————–the number one University in terms of quality and reputation for social and business studies–what I learned by my own ways and initiations that shouldn’t be.

    N.B. Those veterans are here from native countries, you will be surprised to know, last year, only two of the students from whole of Bangladesh ( we are 160 million people) got chance in this university’s English department as the rest of the students didn’t qualify the threshold score!
    I wonder why?

    My father was here a student in 1936, later my own one of brothers in 1978, and so on, I have fair ideas what is going there.

  26. 7 Ways to Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery

    Giving the example of Baby elephant is worthwhile, of course! However, we needed “Big elephant” example as well,is it possible to free a big elephant? as these big Elephants have the all power and policy on earth!

    I doubt.

    “Nobody can make you inferior unless you permit.” exactly, like you have not a baby within a month except 9 months–correct, all are inevitable situations, we should keep in mind while we like to illuminate others based on reality.

    That is why, almost all wiser people (including clinical psychologists) encourage to child and young to have molded, as this period is the best time to shape their mind to positivity, the greater the age would be, the less the chance would be motivated properly!

    Education is a light that can chain your mind in good shape if you can educate them early period not for matured ELEPHANTS. Books are one of the greatest parts of lights that can’t be visible but understandable.

    However, many matured ELEPHANTS could be illuminated by a book but the chance is so low, we can’t count them. I mean what we learn exactly before 50, later we just reshuffling all knowledge only.

    Moreover, if an educated person don’t have any idea about introductory Psychology with further learning, sorry, many basic concepts could be a just bar for him that will be difficult to understand perfectly.

    “Mental slavery or Supremacy” don’t come in a day, behind a lot of facts and knowledge are gathered by long years practical experiences and education ( inner class room or world class room) latter, Like Maxim Gorky, Mark Twain or Ernest Hemingway gathered, can any body tell me in which university they were the students?

    Thank you Brigette put an article that inspires me to think by different facets. A great book or article is which puts you some thoughts to think about more not necessarily to agree with most, here, you got sum of thumbs up!

    If I agree to all, it is called MENTAL SLAVERY!

  27. My 6-Step Solution to End Gun Violence

    Have you ever heard the Chinese famous proverb–a sword holder dies by another sword holder?

    Being a civilian, if I need to protect myself, I wonder why do we need all law and order people like Police, Army and so on and expense billions of Dollars?

    Of course, I know the USA social context and other many things are totally different from other countries, however, when we claim we are the most civilized society then a question really peeping over our mind–do we still live in the time of Billy the Kid, a famous out law in Texas hundred years ago, who believed in gun draw?

    Pls. off all the court and law and order organizations as you people believe in “Gun draw” because court and gun can’t go side by side as having a gun by a civilian person always encourages to have taken up the law own hand only—because it is the uncouth system of “Gun draw” it can mislead a civilian to shoot having a logic–oh! He tried to shoot me!

    How funny, we are still depending on the some inexperienced moron people who have no training on Arms and ammunition or defense knowledge but expecting all the time unknown imminent attack by others, who are qualified to have carried a gun, a disgusting concept( should check their mind b y clinical psychologists soon!) that makes us chuckle how funny of some people’s bubbling mind that kills a modern society all the time!

    Hey! it is a simple law—you can’t take up law in your hand and law is such a complicated stuffs that is why everybody can’t be a lawyer or should be, everybody can’t be a police officer or should be, everybody can’t be a judge or should be—list is unlimited—the rest all are civilian people whose protection duty is by the specialized people that I mentioned.

    I wonder why the American people haven’t yet come out from this simple understanding it is really a mysterious question! More arms more sales? Much muddy water much fishing? Shame!
    Beating about the bush or the old game of smoke and mirrors?

    Or, constitute gave the rights carrying the gun? Your constitute wrote in the “Billy the Kid’s” time, time has changed, why don’t you amend it now?
    I know bad fellows or Robers don’t have any ethical or religious affinity–however, at least to live with harmony, the majority of good American people should understand what is basic law and science of modern society!

  28. 10 Ways to Identify a Bad Manager!

    Only one sign is enough to identify a bad manager—a selfish person can’t be a good manager despite of having tons of other qualities, like intelligent, punctual, merit, good looking; strenuous, good link-lists are unlimited!

    A manager needs spontaneous work from the employees if he needs productive out come in an organization in a month, a selfish manager can’t achieve it perfectly except a monotonous job performance! Whatever you put the techniques by F. Taylor’s Scientific management–piece or hourly rate and so on.

    Because many things are depended on workers natural initiation that can’t be produced by a selfish manager or halts them workers to do the best performance. That is why a dedicated and intelligent manager can earn more respect from their workers that respect ignites the positive lights among the workers—result is the best performance in an organization more or less.

  29. What common “mistakes” do native speakers make?

    I think that we should now punish the some grammarians why did they say after copulative verb, you have to use Subject pronoun or nominative object would be used?

    Or After, preposition, like between you and me, or except me not I, or and so on many rules either we would use by our own ways only or by the wish of our grammarians! Public exams like civil or any other exam examiners will not say these are incorrect!

    Actually rule is rule, we know or not. I wonder in which ground after knowing the rule, how do we use It is me instead of I?

    Because people around me are wrongly saying so? For respect them only? However, other people learned them most arduous ways having articulate gesture, is there no value for them?

    Or, if you ask it,you are a pedantic one?

    Sorry, it is the duty of the respected teachers to let the society know—it is wrong, of course most strategic ways not to make any chaos.

    So, far I know—Webster dictionary has adopted “Cheater” is a acceptable noun word, but not the Oxford dictionary yet!

    We can expect them to explain why did they accept, it is correct, isn’t it?

  30. English Language Is A Technology & For All Smart Students Globally.”

    Welcome to the PULSE, a journey to the ocean of English writing fields from Bangladesh residents of you all that I usually encourage from “The writers foundation.” congrats!

    I encourage you all like our Prime Minister, Different co. CEOs and teachers of Bangladesh, pls. write here to have lifted image up to the eyes of global arena, like number one of “LinkedIn Pulse” writing venues where our local daily News Paper writing column is so iota influence over global arena, at once!

    However, makes huge views and comments are not an easy task by any means even to many native writers, where we set it a threshold formula unless your article viewed at least 1000 views!

    So, friends let us try, or contemplate them all.

  31. Kim Jong Un Will Make You A Better Leader

    Yes, we can learn many things from tyrants, of course! However, if we like to have cautious about insanity of leaders, we must learn from Hier Hitler first!

    Moreover, we must be alert many sadist, insane types of people are our leaders that we can read if we have eyes. Just, keep in mind, if a leader commits a sin it comes by criminal mentality only and it often happens.

    Many criminals are most gentle looking physical appearance, but it examined many times by the clinical psychologists that their ( criminals) inner minds were most complicated and mysterious!

    No fresh mind people generally do any crime with intention mind unless it happens accidentally. That is why in “Criminal law’s” good lawyers always find out the ‘”cause of action” having “cross examination” process by the concept of evidence act, which father was great philosopher–Socrates.

    Or, finding the guilty mind is all or it is the mother of all crimes. Many cunning educated people don’t know that when a criminal commits a crime with intention mind( guilty mind) it always left some interesting clues as well!

    Or try to be honest in inner mind could save you from all imminent troubles if any crime occurred, because no criminal is super hero at the time of “court trial” period—the truth must be out if a lawyer is really learned on criminal laws basic jurisprudence.

    It is one kind of a duck sucking the milk and letting out the water! So, maximum tyrant leaders are just like one kind of heinous criminals as they have much opportunities to have committed crimes!

    So, gentle, intentional mind and fresh mind has a great significance before committing a crime, almost all conspirators are guilty mind people or it is inevitable to be so—–and almost all tiny assisting people are the number one witness of them that narrows net just binding them in the “Cross examination” of the court trial period and deadly all bitter truth come out!

    So, if the Hitler hadn’t committed suicide, sorry, the court trial (definitely not any Camera trial) would have had pulled out all his crimes soon–the world may have had a chance to know many unknown histories, but it didn’t happen.

    It makes me chuckle, when democracy process has a lot of loopholes—what about the tyranny system—disgusting! Is there any guarantee to have moral justice from them? I seriously doubt.

    When many educated people have been committing “wrong doing” ( you had a moral duty to perform something but you just neglected its as law doesn’t treat you it is a crime–like you had been passing a car accident place, where you could have stopped to help the victims to send the hospital but you avoided it like –who cares? All crimes are wrong doing, not all wrong doings are crimes by jurisprudence but by mind it is guilty feeling, and wrong doing inspires to do crime ultimately!) everyday but showing so gentle!

    A good lawyer is a great psychologist having six sense that many subtle gesture of people could be readable by his discernible eyes, sorry, we can’t support any tyranny leaders, despite of the reputation of Hitlers–the greatest patriotic by emotional intelligent of the general people, sorry not by experts.

  32. 8 Things Everyone is Missing about China

    Sam, sorry, you are not frivolous one, certainly, but the data you have possessed it comes up from the garbage only.

    Pls. live to Gungju,Beijing or any other big cities in China for the next 3 months then the realization would be that this article is based on hogwash, eye washing, bubbling math only–where no truth lies.

    Or just have journey by a train from Gungju railway station to go Beijing for 2700 miles journey then go for Urumqi another 3000 miles journey–you realize what I said—both I did by having read almost 1000 Time, News Week, Fortune paper editions best consultants writings–all made me to write something here only, sorry.

    Chinese people know how to work and do hard labor that we BD and somewhere even the USA people don’t know! They make gold by their labor not writing on Pulse only, sorry, reality only!

  33. Your all analysis is good or may be applauded too as math is full of there, however, you just omit a vital analysis that is human power!

    Floris, math is not all in our Economy—it is ultimately the power of innovation,energy and labor management.

    Like, there are 4 people in the room, math says—but if you are human it says 2 men and 2 women in the room that math can’t distinguish but says 4 people!

    People’s power is all, China is stand on there only, if you want to kill a country economy, you hit the morality of mass people that is OK, isn’t it?

    I guess the USA wanted China to be raised once, if she now dislikes Chinese rising, may be still there is some chance to be, but basic “ECONOMICS” says not viable!

    China is not a Russia! In many ways the USA likes her or She likes the USA==result is super dropper economy now—where all speculation is now a children’s bubbling game.

    Do you know many American couples like to adaptation of child from the China not Russia or India? It has been happening for the almost last thirty years!

  34. The Inside Story of What Being THE Boss Really Means

    Jeff, I was reading the article most attentively, but you finished abruptly!

    You may have missed number one point that is your fearsome or enthusiast “Boss” is your product ( service or core product) buyers all the time! Our external environment in Marketing the number one of threats or opportunities is the buyers, later all will be under controlled if you can handle them, because the better sell means,the more money, and having much money you have a lot of experts around you and you can take good suggestion from them if you know to utilize them silently!

    Sorry, if you can’t handle the buyers most charismatic ways,(readers are also your buyers but it doesn’t guarantee you a best seller in a real co. in a real time! Many successful CEO can’t write a single paragraph enchanting ways to readers, but a Fortune listed one of co.!) )later all investors,board members, even, govt agency will not believe you as a failure CEO though you had the great affinity with all of them.

    CEO, post is only a symbol, but the responsibility is like a driver or captain of the “Titanic” ship who didn’t know or forget to have how to avoid the “Ice berg” on the ocean, and sunk her ship with thousand passengers! Sorry,many passengers even didn’t see him before their dying who was the liable for their death!

    Or one phone from my wife will de touch us from all the past enchanting memories or bindings if we think such a way–it tells me both the novices of around us.

  35. Books and writers forum’s almost all members are creative writers!

    We must understand creative writers are maximum susceptible types of people or they don’t care about how to earn money rather they are tasteful people having high caliber extra-ordinary thinking of mind—it just happened to Sandra.( positive sense!)

    However, overall LinkedIn system doesn’t adore the creative people on literature and so on. It adores entrepreneurs, business minded or relating to with high profile political sense in people.

    For instance having high caliber in English language, literature or creative writing don’t stew in the “Pulse” writing or sorry, I don’t see till now this types of writings have viewed above 300 above! Or moderate liking over there.

    This LI really a professional people’s arbor but fewer arbor for creative minded people except some of forums like, applied linguistic, books and writers etc, while almost 400 million members among them, mentioned members are so little, we can’t tell them significant!

    Sorry, today’s market is for mundane life related to all writing stuffs, like economy, management, trade, entrepreneurship and politics or at least education —in which school is better for your child that helps him to make more money! Or people have no time to read a creative writer’s writing stuff which gives you a little mind satisfaction not practical dollars!

    LI influential people don’t care who was Conspicuous, Jane Austen or Kafka like all classical matters, but may peep into the Harry Potter types of stuffs as there are a lot of dollars over there!

    Our poverty is remained to thinking or ” Poverty of thinking” which can’t produce anything extraordinary but we made the societies how to make copies.

    Gentlemen/women, we are now in deep trouble as “Robots” are much preferable than human! We don’t like pristine anything, hope writers have solution or be ready to much decaying soon.

    Source: Book and writers forum

  36. US law firms worried by lack of skills among law students

    I agree to the point, Kurt.

    My father was a good lawyer, 1950-2003, (also a college principal 1937-42) that didn’t attract me much but business.

    After having my master’s in business 1991, situation I mean business related with official many troubles inspired me to be a lawyer ultimately that was I got LL.B law ( British system) degree which you call–J.D.

    I surprised last year to –International criminal law and International law forum also to Harvard business review forum, I saw it, having J.D. degree somebody had no idea about basic Jurisprudence, Roman, English and Common laws which all are the base law to go further wherever you live on earth!

    You may check it out there of my link or just see now to last month’s one discussion to International criminal law forum—based on the USA, courts usually take decision on looking at the victims face!

    I said something over there and was expected somebody at least from the USA any lawyer would challenge me by professional norms—sorry, nobody did it till now!

    Arguments can’t go further if any lawyers’ base is weak—it has been happening there. Moreover, some smart and eloquent usual writers of English to pulse having most popularity on business and entrepreneurs, what they do it is absurd, some how! Because lacking of knowledge in basic laws by a writer is the most formidable and wrong suggestion for the mass readers who want to start up new business, sorry it is really a pathetic issue that the many readers are being forced to swallow such bad suggestions of poisons!

    Like , one popular writer wrote an article several days ago—what we can learn from “God father”, a felony, it makes me chuckle how poor basic knowledge it is! As a home owner can’t give a shelter to an absconding person if he knows nor do we take a risk to have taken academic lessons by our children from a severe convicted prisoner—– both for the law and ethics!

    Would you allow your children to learn academic lessons from once a severe convicted prisoner?

    Law is a complicated subject and it has different facets of usage, like many lawyers don’t like to practice in the court or like to remain to academic option.

    Whatever it is, whenever a lawyer writes on law, another expert in basic law can readily identify of his depth of knowledge easily, like many good senators have no idea—Corporation is a person, so you can file a law suit against the corporation, as you file a case against a person!

    This question was arose during the time of Wall street movement time few years ago, a senator from Vermont asked to Huffington post–how do they take action against the Corporations?

    Anybody check it out to Huffington post visiting my academic site, I gave the suggestion to him—sorry Corporation is a person ( artificial) by law.

    (pls. search it comments written by MinhajQuazi )

    And it is also most pathetic issue when a law maker doesn’t know any basic laws–sorry, how do you expect any better service from him?

    In fine law is a most interesting subject as well if you can understand the basic laws like –possession law, Mens Rea and so on.

    However, I admit nobody can be known all laws ( I also don’t know) but at least we have to curiosity over there other wise how do a lawyer save an innocent clients from claiming of crime, or how do a law maker enact a law if he has no idea—only bubbling talking? Gobbledegook gesture?

    Sorry, it has been happening, of course! Basic laws are guidelines to go further.

  37. Which is correct?

    Welcome. If you need further assistance, pls. follow the second mentioned site as well which is the most authenticated to have perfect suggestion.

    In the past, several times I came across many veterans in English language are most confused about punctuation rules that tells me not to share it anymore or it had better get helped from the authenticated sites, it helped me much.

    Moreover, writing English so much enchanting ways or teaching English is not a synonymous term at all. The first one needs a lot of profound knowledge of English grammars like–style and punctuation for a paid writer that was why I participated at several English tests including punctuation rules in the past that obliged me searching the best some of English sites to learn English by self help!

    But, it doesn’t mean sharing with veterans is not helpful ways, but it takes a bit much time to get self confidence for engaging at the revoking tables.

    You can check it out including everybody here to join grammar mastery test at the first site about 50 English grammars, and you understand your level of English after 25 minuets. But the best ways to check it out your level to join to the as per your requirements of different English grammars including punctuations that even IELTS or TOEFL tests are a bit incomplete!

    So, gentlemen/women let us check them by self help and realize what I said!

  38. China Is Causing Turmoil in the Stock Markets, But the U.S. Isn’t Powerless

    Excellent, observation by Trish!

    We must have to think a bit differently as well.

    Chinese economy is on the test basis till now.

    We are tied up each other much than any time in the past. It isn’t the question of a country dignity rather understand.

    World trends is to democracy not autocracy–that the great example of democracy practice is in the USA including a few others, but China is on the right track here only!

    China is a big developing country till now by regulating authority of world bank, IMF status and by every other assessment bodies where the USA is developed since the second world war—The USA is stand on her strong foot by her acumen ship, better education, democracy, management and list is unlimited compare to China —-though the USA is the largest foreign debt country on earth! But it is absurd to compete any single country with the USA unless compromising!

    Behind, money is not all, a lot of other vital variables have been playing in the world market right way that China needs to a good shape another 25 years!(assume)

    So, if the USA is a teacher in a class room of Economics, Sorry, China is still the student of sophomore level. Sorry, no comparison is acceptable right away.

    Finally, it is the responsibility or duty of the class room teacher to understand why the naughty boys are making all brouhaha.

    Shouldn’t it be a duty of developed countries to control the all gamblers in the bear markets now? As it is one of the vital markets to exchange smooth commodities run on around the world, but it is like a high voltage power line if voltage ups without regulation—sorry, your all home appliances including neighbor would be fired soon!

    Thanks in advance.

  39. 5 Strategies to Implement Now to Help Students Who Lack Motivation

    I am not a full time teacher, but I am a mentor or consultant to the career development issues.

    I checked it out here your all articles name- head lines- about the development program for the students that look enthusiasm. I would go through almost all gradually if time permits me.

    Why do I write here, partly, I like these types of approaches to develop motivation among the students and getting good result.

    Whenever I get chance to meet learners, I try to implement your some of strategies that you put in this current article.

    One interesting phenomenon I see every time it is the problem of instructors or the teachers who are themselves maximum being demoralized about their own ability that can’t help their students ultimately!

    A burning example is here, you wrote several enchanting articles about motivational facts that help the learners to get good result—but pls. see how many mentors or teachers have participated in your discussion or shared their knowledge that tell me they majority of themselves are misguided; from their, students can’t expect any thing better essence except monotonous lecturing!

    And they have been doing every day in their class rooms.If you don’t like a topic, definitely you can’t teach it to others most enthusiasm ways!

    Great philosopher, Bertrand Russel has much works over there, every good teachers must go there to have much essence.

    I am a member of many Applied linguistic forums specially for English language where I see the problems! Or I used to participate at some online English learning sites that told me some of teachers are so greedy to earn money rather to teach —

    or they themselves need several intensive courses how to teach enchanting and easy ways that their audiences or students can readily understand their lecture or lesson—sorry it has not been happening to almost all areas, despite some having the degree from Oxford, Harvard or other famous universities!

    My question goes to ethics most, but is this not the question of methodical fault? Not the question of pure management, result oriented approaches? Students are afraid to learn English grammar, math or other topics, but why?

    Because our many teachers have the problem not the students! Many teachers can’t deliver the lecture most easiest ways to the ears of students that make the students most frustrated, demoralized and suffocated—result is quit from unhealthy situation—a great loss for all societies and on earth, may be, many Einstein, Newton, Socrates could be come out from these numerous students but halting the process just like gardens of flower buds by bad weather ( uncontrollable factor) —-here it is the controllable factor by the teachers.

    Thanks in advance.

  40. It is enthusiasm to know that white–color criminals should be held up!

    Isabelle—It makes me chuckle for a while that I usually see on “Pulse” articles many writers just ignorance of Laws,( I honor them not intentionally) specially basic laws— they some of them have been breaking criminal laws in many ways which are really sad.

    If I see the articles, I generally made comment over there, say, not to do such ways–like, many popular writers here used to encourage some of felonies life characters could be followed a type of mentoring—which is somewhere make a bad example for the many novice followers that should be counted by our LinkedIn authority to discourage these types of articles or should have a policy over there.

    Like–once one writer was so enthusiast for God father by Maria Pjue’s character that looked into my mind so shocked how did a felony could be a best example despite his other good initiatives? Except a novel could be readable as we write on novels first page sometime—its character are imaginative not to encourage to living any characters, etc—we must understand that many innocent people having low category education as well as experience could be encouraged by these bad characters—we must count it.

    Deputy attorney general’s one quote here posted, but it is a common jurisprudence law—who is a Person definition, where a corporate can be a person also, and can be held up– a corporation by artificial person category, when a corporation will be counted on law ground, certainly behind flesh blood who are at chairs all will automatically be responsible!

    ( Same question raised by San Burnie, independent senator from Vermont, few years ago, he wrote an article to Huffington post,I commented there that a law maker should know the law first.)

    Pls. shouldn’t it be made publicity as there were a lot of other famous laws of precedence by company law of common law of England, including Roman and jurisprudence which all are based laws of the USA.

    Conclusion is—knowledge and management is not synonymous terms, but when somebody is knowledgeable including skilled in management for them these types of childlike game ( Never mind, Isabelle, I don’t now mean you anything personally!) makes a lot of questions —that goes to bad examples only!

    If justice department can’t appoint the knowledgeable people in laws for searching the white color criminals in corporate world I wonder result will be big ZERO.

  41. Could you assist my co.?

    I have a teaching ship to a O/A level center at Gulshan, Dhaka, where our almost all diplomatic offices are located. Many Americans may not understand what is O/A level as it is the British curriculum education like10/12 level and so on.

    The other day the center owner requested me, “Sir, I have just above 25 students those ( maximum have IELTS score 6) who are really competitive to have further studied to Australia or New Zealand to January/2016 session, but local agent/s is not much cooperative and so on other cogent logic. But I am not familiar to have direct link up in a university to have an agency ship and like to have TOEFL/GED/IELTS test/registration center and so on—.”

    So do I at the moment.

    Would anybody likes to help him getting agency ship of Australia or New Zealand universities? He prefers someone is a teacher or administrator in mentioned countries university not any other agent in Bangladesh.

    If any university likes his proposal or like to make a university campus specially medical university in Dhaka, pls. contact his mail

    Thanks in advance.

  42. Bruce Stirling

    teachtoefl @ skype

  43. Can writing help the refugees?

    However, I would like remain to the pristine topic discussion—-Can writing help the refugees?

    Answer is definitely.

    But, fiction types of writing has no faster solution to these type of emergency time. Or wrings have no direct effect, a great effect into the goodness mind of people that we and I saw last time —Palestine vs Israel confliction by

    International criminal law
    International criminal court
    international law forum writings last year, if any body likes to see our discussion, pls. see them.

    We good people must understand to run a country we need some efficient management people ( not only writers) who can control the people, of course, however, you shouldn’t forget in a single moment these types of efficient politicians ( management) some and few are ( if I say mostly, would you mind?) hepatocyte, low mentality, sex prone, greedy types of human shape only, actually they have no pristine quality to give anything to humanity, so do many in other professions, but as the politicians have power to change the situation within five minutes that is why we have to understand all–what can do the writers except guard them as vigilance watchers only!

    We saw how slowly and steadily last year’s drama changed as the internet gives us blessings only—-thousands of lawyers and social scientists we gathered by a Princeton university, one famous professor and lawyer’s banner to go to suit against the mighty one who says but does another—every time from the genesis of earth, every corner of earth!

    Only emotional writing can have little effect over there, but research based honest writings have tremendous effects that we saw.Moreover, many writers have appointed by some vested group/community/govt and so on that real writers immediately can detect by their sharp sense, knowledge and eyes—it is also most important. We saw it too but they( appointed writers!) helped us much because of their motives was pulled off by many of our good initiation—here is the result based out come.

    If we amalgamate religious motion with all history of man kind including honesty and humanity–there is nothing shame as there will be no solution over there except we need peace–just problem rises here. Religion is yours, humanity is for all, let us see the broad context of man kind having profound knowledge, otherwise, discussion will be continued without any solution.

    Last year both counties were obliged to have a truce as it was the solution, but when the mass people can’t understand it—–fishing in the muddy water—it is called politics–why don’t they some of bad people take the opportunity? Why do you give them chance to do so????.

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