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It is just a FOUNDATION- not a profitable organization by any means.* I (Quazi) sacrificed this site for the thousand Bangladeshi as well as other nonnatives who desperately need English language ability.
Ask any question about English grammar here-

quazi.minhaja for skypee ID may use overseas part.

“Quazi’s step in English grammar” provides you:
-IELTS preparation;
-TOEFL Preparation;
– ESL/TOEIC preparation.


Copy writing (Ad. writing) like grammar known by educated native speakers/writers is our main task.

Writing materials in English language like web content article, product review, book review, illustration, and others with discussion only are most welcome.

Those professionals who need IELTS/TOEFL score for migration/departmental scholarships or higher studying, please contact with us without any hesitation as personal mentoring service is possible.

Do you need to upgrade your office staffs’ English level for handling the foreign buyers with much effective ways? (Negotiation basis)

To assist the top executives in the Govt. private or defense department’s writing materials (including court related/ UN mission materials etc) in English language is another task.

All tasks are strictly on negotiation basis only.

Pls. mail me with requirement:


Are you a student who needs thesis or assignment papers submitting to your university (any university in the world) immediately? (Of course, following with the law only)

There is no problem at all! Except science terminology, we can help you to write by our experts with following the strict law!

Never be hesitated, and it is a common practice in the developed countries students’ by fee!

Out lines: law including English law, Contract law and Common law for barrister and doctoral studies includes all other- subjects (business/social sciences etc). So, ask your brothers/sisters who may now face troubles on their university, abroad.

They need a valuable foreign degree too, don’t they?

Please see to my writing articles/comments over 1000 on the different international forums including -The New York Times, civil liberties categories to forum, huffing ton post, Open democracy, and American thinker, and our daily English news papers from time to time etc. at:

to the different and contact pages like, my pen name, writing on the English daily news papers in Bangladesh.

A fee is generally 3000 words from 5000 tk to 12,000 tk depending on the complicity.
Do you need only native English writers? Possible, my colleagues those are ESL teachers in different countries, they can write for 3000 words, 150$ to 200$ by complicity @ hourly pay 40$.


Any English translation or writing problems (negotiation basis), official English writing problems related with the UN missions/government/private bilateral MOU (contract matters) and immigration petition/appeal matters– at page, Get helped: proofreading services,

Or, do you need to have a good English score for BCS exam? At page: B.C.S./B.A.’s English solution.

Or, would you like to make English language related documentary/creative films by foreign aid/fund raising programs? Pls. contact with me over 01766080655

Timing: 10 am to 8 pm except praying, feeding and court pleading time.

This site is a foundation not for profitable concern, and this (foundation) is going to be a legal frame soon by BD government.

* If any revenue comes by, that will be gone for maintaining the site.

বি.দ্র. এ top ad আমাদের বিজ্ঞাপন দেখুন(education categoryতে)