For the beginners:

Jadi engrazi(English) kathin mone Hoa tahole akhane jann:(Page IELTS/TOEFL)


(All positive feed backs is most welcome, like grammar as well as web design matter. Nobody is perfect in English Grammar(occasional mistakes not harmful!) -but ” to what extent”,it is very much important!


An advanced level English language instructor, learner and researcher based on Latin and German for different level English.
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Actually what I tried to imply to you, pls. find it out here, my writing comment pen name MinhajQuazi,(British Council site) as well:

Though, I use AP style for punctuation including grammars, like Bangladesh has, no have(British system) only, I mean not Oxford style.

Those who want to be master in English language, he must follow the following books(writer names only) along with me: )

Somehow situation tells me, this page is now an essential element for the learners of beginners. Without knowing many basic elements of grammars, beginners can’t go much smoothly–it is certainly a typo.

So, let us examine how you feel to identify the parts of speech from the following
a piece of passage:

(Borrowed from the book of Norman Lewis)

Our tragic failure in this war—one which may well cause us to lose the eventual peace—was our failure in what the army calls orientation.

Here are 26 words.

1.Our– 2. tragic—- 3. failure—-

4. in——- 5. this—– 6.war——-—– 8. which– 9.may—
10. well– 11. cause 12. us——
13. to—- 14 lose— 15 the—
16.eventual 17. peace—- 18. was—
19. our— 20.failure— 21. in
22. what— 23. the— 24. army—
25. calls— 26 orientation—

Please answer the questions of these 26 words.

Those who are going to participate in an IELTS/TOEFL, this test is
essential to identify their weakness and rectify them soon to achieve the only result or
to have a good band score, or for both of them.

Identifying the all correctly does mean, you have the quality to have band score above 7 or more.

Those who need to write English correctly, this starting may be a mile stone too, so let us go.

Please mail me with your answer to:

we will get back to you with some valuable directions that can change your career life dramatically.

The Second Question:

The Army meaning of this unfortunate word is instruction to our soldiers as to what the war was about.

11. our—12.soldiers————15. what—16. the—
17. war—18. was– 19.about—-

Please find out the each parts of speech and send me to know your
Level of English grammars which are the foundation of English
language ability— just forget the lullaby any method that our so called
neo grammarians like to introduce in Bangladesh to cheat innocent people
right here time to time.

I should place their inventions to the well known English grammarians of native hubs for a while!

The Third question:

Find out from the first passage:
1. Two prepositional phrases—————–
2. One infinitive—————
3. A copulative (Auxiliary) verb———-
4. A verb phrase—————–

Hope you have done a great deal with right there, I mean how to identify the each part of speech from the above 3 questions. If your out come is little  deadly wrong, it does mean the majority of us are like that– no trouble at all! I assure you it is a common phenomenon not an abnormal result.

Listen, I put my 12 years practical life experiences in the commercial hub of Bangladesh in Motijeel, Dhaka. I didn’t see people speak English fluently over there. If anybody likes to speak, situation always pulled him off! It does mean our main culture refrains from doing so, which is now a deadly result for the educated people to all walks of lives for  Bangladeshi people! They are not readily fittest for the international arena.

The fourth questions:

Study this paragraph from The New York Times:

“During the German occupation of Denmark a novel was published in Copenhagen with the un suspicious approval of the Nazi censors.

Since it was a quaint and romantic story of two innocent young girls and their mysterious adventures in the year 1940 it is hardly surprising that to German eyes it seemed un political.

It wouldn’t be surprising if it seemed so to Danes or to Americans, either.
But the Danes must be more subtle folk than is, generally their reputation, or else life beneath German rule must marvelously quicken allegorical sensitivity, for in Denmark “the Angelic Avengers” by Pierre Anderezel was greeted with joy as a neat thrust of irony at the German’s expense. The question then was did the German fail to get it, or were they smart enough to refuse to admit that it concerned them?”

In those five sentences, you will find 28 different nouns –names of people, things, places, ideas, concepts or activities. Find them and send me now–

If you can identify at least 50% nouns out of this passage correctly, it does mean you have done a great deal with right away now. Slow and steady, you go to the inner side of the secret of grammars if you like. However, basic of grammars is essential to be understood the all phenomena right here.

Parts of speech are not complicated to understand; however, step by step going is convenience to make understand to all of them. I make ensure you if you don’t follow the Parts of speech basic rule, you never feel confident in  English language!

Like, somebody just follows the great writers writing style that is laudable and appreciated, indeed, it is not enough as because basic grammars guide you much in the situation, like, more better, you can’t use more better instead of much better as it is only correct version. Because, you can’t use double comparison.

Say vs. Tell(Verb)

Speak or Tell has same meaning, and they are both verbs; however, their
using is not the same.

Generally, say uses following direct or indirect speech . Where, Tell follows the indirect object*.

Sometimes “Tell” follows the word, like
The truth,
A Joke
A secret
A lie
A story
The time, whether follows indirect object or not. These are the whole story of them.
* Indirect object means which has only animated(live) object. Direct object has both.
Example: Tell me the truth.
He said that he was unable to go there.

Start vs. Begin

Start uses when there is a suddenness situation or abrupt situation.
However, you can use Begin when the situation is much leisure.

Finish vs. End

Finish is uses when the position completes absolutely and calmly.
However, End uses without any preparation.

Hear vs. Listen

Listen is privately–like listening the radio, with careful understand
but Hear is without any preparation.

Some of the other verbs those have changed the meaning either using as infinitive or gerund forms:

When the meaning is in the future, you can use to remember or regret or forget. However, if the meaning for the past, you should use gerund form of these verbs.

“Mean” has deep rooted result! When it is for intentional or planning, you should use infinitive form, either, you can use gerund form for will be necessary.

“Try” is using hard to do as infinitive or gerund form for the experiment using.

A quintessence of learning English perfectly

However, if you can’t recognize a single word from a sentence which parts of speech it is, it does mean your grasp of English grammar is still on question level, whatever you write or speak English fluently!

Like, a single word of “since” could be a conjunction, preposition or adverb depending on functioning of a sentence or clause that sometime could be a bit complicated affairs for many good writers in English too!

When you are not confident enough about basic parts of speech in English language, then a lot of other troubles will be vivid more or less day by day and whatever you write,
it seems not correct if anybody implies there a bit only!

A serious problem, isn’t it? So, it is a well decision if you start up them from the beginning to make confidence in our own minds first. Later, all will come up with correct form only as your inner formula would guide you on the right tract only. However, you have to have come up with introducing with many good writers writing styles as well, which will make  your up confidence level to up to the highest level that you have been forwarding right ways.

Until then, you need to have acquainted with the basic grammars that are the foundation of understanding the writing procedure as well as good forming. Later is to follow the good writer’s style only. I make sure; you all understand what I tried to mean you. Otherwise, all writing of the quintessence is futile!


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