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Are You a Writer in English?

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4 thoughts on “Are you a writer?”

  1. Are you an educated native English writer? You may rate the below article with showing the correction,(if it has)certainly you may have gotten writing jobs if it including others are really worthwhile.

    Should the Guardian Discuss with their Children on the First Date?
    “On the first date,” what does it mean out there among the adult people around all of us?
    Of course, it is a dire ambiguous romantic word–“Date” to us!

    Whatever your age is now—whenever you heard it—a blush emotional reminiscence of colorful peeping romance makes into play over your face soon.

    Fortunately, we all are known about it; I mean all guardians have once passed away through the emotional ages successfully or unsuccessfully by this time. Interesting is– timing, places, persons have changed; human inner drives don’t have changed much. People still fall in love, and they show the hatreds to the opposite sex. Moreover, human biological needs not changed much till now.

    Before making much digression, we should discuss about the actual meaning for a “dating.” Some says-it is a relationship, other says-you get to know someone opposite sex. More others say—when each other interested more than a friendship and try to get to know deeply. Or, with an appointment meeting someone of the opposite sex in a social seating, he gets explored each other.

    Whatever is the meaning, we all knows; here is a sort of deep intimacy between two pretty young matured human sexes setting their future living together issues for a long time or short time.

    I am pretty sure– we have already identified the definition with much articulate and meticulous ways, have not we? Moreover, we all make it a discernible understanding whatever we called it!

    Much digression we have dealt with, so far. Because, it is a human psychology
    to protect his/her offspring’s from an unwanted situation which is discernible in the near future. We all dealt these “taboos,” but we do hesitate to our loving children like the first date on the society!
    A vital and pivotal question is over there –whether a guardian should discuss about the children’s dating matter. Of course, guardians can help the adolescent children much; because these moments are the most crucial moments for both of them too.

    What we made experience is for in our own adolescence time that previous pragmatic experience could be the great examples for our children too. A frustration always occurs among the children’s during the adolescence timing and young ages about the opposite sex. As a result, this affair almost all times makes them have had a bad decision that could lead them an unbearable life practices in the near future. Like, without completing their better education, they may get to have early married and do any heinous crime, and so forth.

    Only the loving and prudence family tie and guidance may help them much rather than a social organization—because a social organization never be an ideal alternative of a loving happy family-by any means, never or ever. A strong happy family ties and guidance hold the children from going to spoil those good examples have existed in Asia. Fewer spoil children means fewer crimes and expenses for the state or the society of all countries.

    However, social sciences have much to research over there about the dating matters’ pros and cons from country to country as it is not a mere discussion matter, but it has much social impact over the society.

    Written by: Quazi Minhajuddin Ahmed, abridged or pen name Minhaj ahmed/Quazi

  2. We desperately need -Ethical standard from the human species- to be stopping another world war; that types of human species are not cloning enough from our even famous schools much, at the moment. So, we need more philanthropists and positive philosophers to show us the real path.

    Do We Need to Understand the “Disarmament Issue?”

    Yes, in every respect, developed countries people are much aware of all labor issues of social calamities- we face since the industrial revolution.

    “Robert Own,” a philosopher, the first socialist raised the issues of disparities economic contentious matters among the labors later succeeded by “Karl Marx.”

    By some humbugs politicians or philanthropists, the USA invented such a diplomatic charisma to exploit the labors in to the industry arena that was really a laudable name –“Collective bargaining!” Result, the rich or substandard poor class -no other classes, of course, if you permit me, and that I can say with much meticulous research, but without befuddled thinking.

    To sustain the affluent class, you need another perfect system that is “Arms.” Much unfortunate, the civil society in developed countries is not discernibly much active to reduce these unethical activities as they should have taken initiatives more in the past and now.
    Arms and ethics are close related terms:

    When people can’t tolerate the other peoples’ value and views, arms are the last resort to stop them -this is the most oldest and barbarous theory for over the years in the world history. These ways two world wars occurred. We created the “Adolf Hitler” and others giants who were/are against the humanity in the world –every time every moment.

    Fortunately, indeed, a lot of real educated and philanthropic people understood the matter early in the morning, so that you and I are still living in the world. We can remember them, like –Bertrand Russell, Gandhi, Lincoln, George Washington, and Mandela, and so on.

    We know all, Russell’s own altruistic strife helped the mankind stopping the third world war between the USA and erstwhile USSR in 1961.That times big politicians humbug diplomacy just brought about to ruin this planet.

    Never before have had our human races needed more philanthropists and positive philosophers than as it needs now. Nothing online development and occasional “safer world campaign” from some of our befuddled politicians will halt the danger; unless we extend our “Ethical standard” much more compare to now and in the past.

    As internet faster expanding soothing the time affirmation with great ways, where human chances to be robotic mannerism much faster than ever! Because, many people are now working from the solitary inside room without physical human touching environment.

    Our conscience mind must think it and its inner level much more, and makes a meticulous decision about the “Ethical standard” more from every corner of on earth. Otherwise, without deploring, we can’t stop endangering the earth from our little, but deadly human ill minded propagation in the world very near future.

    The more you read the world history, the more you understand what I would like to say in conclusion – that is peace- without that you and your children are not safe at all. That peace will come through only by practicing the “Ethics and Real” education not utter by “Arms race.”

    But who show us the beacon light right there soon?

    09.27.2014, 87, 9 prob. 50 4words

    (abridged or pen name as a writer Minhaj Ahmed/Quazi)

    Both writings were submitted to Hillium and Ezine(paid platforms) in the month of July 2013; their suggestion was to revise and resubmit.

    An important issue:
    These two writing pieces are being reviewed by the three educated natives (my connection by Linkedin) recently who commented that the writings may score 65 to75 out of 100. Moreover, their opinions were the style is appreciable for a non native writer and where further practices may go to the attaining position soon that a native ear likes most that is not only grammar—but does it make a sense over a native ear perfectly?

    The question is over there—a non native writer always has to consider right there when he writes anything in English! QUAZI from Dhaka, September, 2013.

    I followed here only “AP style” instead of ‘Oxford style’.

  3. A product review that is published on a famous e-Commerce paid site recently.

    It is a splendid apparatus that I ever used.

    Pros: Those who are almost aged or mere old persons for them this machine could be the valuable thing as aged people are not much familiar on computer machine much yet.

    Cons: Unwanted messages can end your thermal paper roll more that needs extra expense in a month, so far.

    Benefits: As a middle age one, I have numerous friends through Linkedin connection by many professional forums for years. I noticed a number of professional people who are over 50— not familiar on computer many basic programs yet. They even don’t know how to send a message or 500 words essay through using the Linkedin forum.

    However, at the age of 48, I am too! Moreover, I learned many basic things for 20 years, but might be I am too much lag behind comparing to my son who is 15 year-old now. It reveals to grasp of technology is much easier to the young chap rather to the older one.

    Therefore, this fax machine is much helped from the middle age to aged people that are simple to understand yet. The system of this machine how to operate is very easy that one could remember like a mobile device.

    Many people still use an electric type machine as they feel it is prestigious too. Fax machine about this Panasonic KX-FP205 plain paper thermal fax model is ideal for them including me. I personally used a KX 90 model of Panasonic in 1993 that had no auto cutter system. Then, I had been used a KX-130 Panasonic model instead of other like brands up to 2004.

    I bought this new Panasonic model of KX-FP205 in 2010 and enjoyed much too. Whenever I am not inside the office, I can get to have incoming voice messages through this machine remotely. That helps me to understand whom you are contacting with me right there in office as some business clients never entertain with personal number out of the office.

    Moreover, this machine remains cool for over months, even year with continuing electric power on, which makes me much happy. I appreciate the Panasonic brands especially to fax machine models except the KX-90 model. If you compare with a Canon brand fax machine, it is a cheap and much durable one than mentioned brand Canon.

    Cons: A little irritating issue, I should raise the matter here too, and you may have received unwanted huge quantities of catalogs or brochures from different unknown company’s brand or non brand items. Or this machine cuts little paper every time while starting—it annoys as it wastes few dollars for replacing new paper rolls every month.

    However, you might block some of company’s incoming telephone numbers that you can recognize as unwanted catalogs too. Otherwise, everything is fine, and it is more affordable pricing item that is a much worthy in return of the out coming, so far.

    I recommend you to buy it as I see the outcome— business firms are getting the positive result now and then.

  4. Two these papers have been submitted to the famous international journal


    2. Business in Bangladesh

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